[SUBMIT] Annihilation


Tittle: Annihilation
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Enril
Description: There’s a saying; “Cool guys don’t look at explosion.” I guess the same thing can be said to Assassins. They can’t be bothered by the carnage they leave behind in their wake.


keppa slice and dice Owo;;;


Liked it.


reminds me of zoro’s shishi sonson


@Aoi_Kanashi can only bully Keppas since they’re easier to draw. :prince:

@wiher154 Thanks! :satisfaction:

@Ersakoz I can’t confirm nor deny I took inspiration from Zoro… :haha:


Thank you to the following people who liked and voted on my work. :kissing_closed_eyes:
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Here’s a minimalist version to show you my appreciation. :blush:


The pleasure is mine Owoy

best wishis to our entries >w</


Same to you! :blush: