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[SUBMIT] A Vakarine Midsummer Night's Dream

A Vakarine Midsummer Night’s Dream
Team Name: nicsWTF
Server: [SA] Silute

Once again I try to win the heart of you with a drawing of mine, a sunny dream of Vakarine, swimming quietly with Popolions <3

Even if I do not win this contest, I hope to bring the lull you would like through my drawing!


I used Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CC



                       Nice Work M'lady!
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i can’t swim Owo;;; this is how i do when i have to owO

i like the relaxed expressions of the popos an vakarine :satisfaction:

your take on the popo petals is as enlightening as the illustration :blush:

here’s a lullaby to go along with it Owo/

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thank you!! <3 this music really fit in this scenario :heart_eyes:

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ikr X3 it’s like a looming calmness hidden in the dark and swept by the winds

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nice drawing! :heart_eyes:

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