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[SUBMIT] A beach of a day

Title: A beach of a day
Server : [SA] Silute
Team Name : Hyosarean
Description :When everything going wrong, nothing goes right, it’s to hot to work, to lazy to produce, all we really need, is a day in the beach, in this beach day


oooh i like the lapping waves effect in this Owo i should learn to do that when drawing large bodies of water Owo

sunglass hanaming is cute X3

feels like it’s about to say “Greetings, True Believers~ Excelsior!” :prince:

which is kinna a fitting reminder for the entry’s theme Owob

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Thank you :heart:
About the waves effect, maybe i can help you o3o

Ps: The Hanaming likes you :haha:

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i’m pretty shy when it comes to being taught with stuff =UwU=

awww ees iben kyuuter nao X3 :heart::heart::heart:

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Don’t worry :satisfaction:

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oke Owob il aske fer stuff wen i nid tu draw rippels an waves den Owoy

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