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[SUBMIT] 12 - Streamside

Server Name : [SEA] Telsiai
Team Name : Kawamori
Short Description : 01 - One Summer’s Day


two popos are lured by the piper’s music :satisfaction:

while one is lured by smores :haha:

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Spent too much time for changing theme & rough draft, and just finished lineart and coloring last night.
Can’t remember when the last time using pentab, and first time using CSP also, usually uses SAI.

The ideas comes from Ragnarok Online, my favorite AFK spot was in Prontera Field 05, Sitting on streamside near the Culvert Entrance (also Track 12 is one of my favorite too).
Meanwhile my favorite spot in Tree of Savior actually was in Delmore Hamlet, i was trying to make draft about beach and researching beach map in ToS such as Cranto Coast, but it wasn’t really good, since the theme is related to Popolion and it’s kinda similar with Prontera Field, so i choose East Siauliau Woods instead.

I just hoping i could submit something better, but at least i was able to participate.

Thank you for all your support, and good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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oooh~ my favrit RO hiding place is in amatsu forest where there’s this lone house at the corner of the forest filled with kappas and kasa obake Owo

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Your entry made me smile because I instantly recognised your Piper from the ‘concerts’ you’ve been performing in Klapedia these days :satisfaction:

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Ah, the one in the south west?
In Amatsu i’d prefer sitting under the cherry blossom trees in town, or just sitting around in the sushi shop.

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In the first sketch i’d want to make her sitting in the tree branch tho

then i want to make her doing fishing but, i think it’s better if she keep playing her flute

thanks for coming by almost every night :haha:

I love that!


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Thanks, please give your vote to submited fanarts you like here : [Fan Art Festival] Official TOS Voting Thread : PoPo's Summer Edition @Shyyyyy

yis Owo me and my sister likes to live in hiding owO

pretty much all the products we sell in prontera are amatsu stuff X3

until the botpocalypse came owO;;;

we end up hiding in an inn in einbroch and take long rides to the machin doll factory to make a living, it’s pretty dangerous but the pay is very high Owo

though i have been recognized as an serial botkiller in that place owO

(you can bring 2-3 constants to a bot and make them self destruct while you use the hide skill to burrow yourself to safety Owo)

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