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Stifmeister (HimuraBattousai) Stealing Guild Item (UPDATE 17/02/2022)

Thx For doing this


The guy has change name

but he cannot escape blocklist



More evidence :slight_smile:


@GM_Francis @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @Staff_Brand @Staff_Ilya @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William

For anyone who is visiting this thread and would like to help out, please send a ticket to the GM to help get more awareness. Thank you.

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What guild? im creating a ticket now

UnderTaker from telsial, Thx man for the support

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Submitted mine…encouraging everyone to submit also
Im not affiliated to this guild but bruhhhh… thats a very cheap diick move.

What an ■■■■■■■. First time i’ve seen a report like this. Total shitbag

Everyone let’s do our part to send in a ticket! Let’s get this ■■■■■■■ banned

Such a despicable person…
Ticket submitted.

Ticket submitted. People like this has a special place in hell. lol

Thx Guys for the support !, i really appreciate it!

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how does it feel? getting shunned, branded as a thief, blocked by all players in the entire server, and blacklisted from all guilds?
yeah all that just for petty silver - enjoy!

Thanks for the support guys. Really appreciate it

much o appreciated

too unsmart of him

I am not justifiying the act of that person but Support have something to do with this? i think is ok to make it public so others take actions like not allowing him in guilds or inviting to party… but is a banneable behavior?.. if that many guild masters may be banned since they use the guilds as a giant funnel.

Had this happen to my guild and support said they “wouldn’t get involved in player disputes of this nature.” But maybe if enough people report the guy, IMC will step in.

In the meantime, name and shame and make sure everybody knows, getting pics of his lodge was a good idea too in case he name changes. The community is just way too small for such behavior. :stuck_out_tongue:

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ya we didnt expect too much on IMC, all we can do just spread the word in hope no other guild become another victim

Bump for some awareness on this scum “Stifmeister” in Telsiai server. All guilds beware!

Theft is a clear violation of the rules and the player should be banned.

Especially since this is evident proof of will of making silver out of this.

Hello Savior,

We interpret this situation as an incident between users that occurred through normal procedures fully supported within the system, regardless of violations of terms and conditions/operations policies such as bug abuse, illegal program use, or hacking.

Of course, we do agree that it is very unfortunate, but it will be difficult to impose systematic sanctions on this situation. In this case, it is generally considered as “non-mannered acts” that takes place in the game, which is difficult for the management team to intervene directly.

Thank you and have a nice day in ToS