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:weary: **Is there any instruction how we can purchase TP or atleast to get PREMIUM TOKEN? I am new to steam and I cannot find anyway to purchase TPs to buy token atleast. ** :unamused: makes the game annoying.

There is no TP purchase except from the Beginners Pack atm, if you want a token you can buy from other players through Market, last time i saw it was around 350K each.

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how to get the beginners package? is it out now? where can I make the transaction to buy it?

I thought it would be there but it seems they removed, it might be only on the first week of F2P or the sales didn’t go as they planned and they removed, i read somewhere that by next week they would announce how TP will be sold, so we can only wait for now.

In the mean time you can save some silver and buy a token on market or use some item you may find during your leveling to trade for one directly with other players.

The Beginner’s Pack is not out yet.

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Ah i didn’t know that, i thought it was just something for the first week or something limited. In all honesty i think it is a crappy pack, that is why i don’t even bother looking into it lol.

Thanks for clarifying.

I understand what you mean lol. They said they will release a Veteran’s Bundle after this bundle so I’m looking forward to that one.

I hope it is something meaningful and not expensive, what i mean by expensive is that the content is not worth the price they put on it.