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Stat points from quests should have additional effects

We’ll soon receive the episode 12 update and with that comes new weapons with insane stat points bonuses in the +100 range, which marginalizes stat points obtained in game through quests and other means even further.

To alleviate that, I think stat points from quests, stat potions, etc. should have special effects you can’t get from weapon and armor stats to make questing more desirable.

+1 STR = +2 weight limit, +1 accuracy
+1 DEX = +1 crit rate, +2 evasion
+1 SPR = +2 looting chance, +10 max SP
+1 CON = +0.5 Stamina, +2 block
+1 INT = +5 Healing

I think even reverting back to the deleted stat point effects, when rebuild hit, would be an idea. (

I think that was how the old dex worked before

I forgot to add that arks and weapon decorations, that will be added in episode 12, make stat points obtained via quests even more obsolete, so making quest stat points kinda special would be a welcome change.

your idea is the one that obsolete.its like reverting to the very old ancient stats mechanic.the link you posted is not the first time stats have been reworked.

next mobs also buffed and those “crazy” stat points wont get you beat new dimensional collapse(or whatever the name is) stage 10 or cm stage 7 easily even in full geared party without some strategy and relying on gears only. Those gears also the base gear to beat the future 450++ mobs and raid to get the next gears which definitely tougher than the current one