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Stamp event - Gemstone Feud MVP too hard

I suggest changing the Gemstone Feud MVP requirement to “participating Gemstone Feud”. Become MVP is too hard many players won’t be able to do that.


Agree. Actually 3 days ago and before was kinda ok to become mvp. But especially now, with 70 players, is hard. And so, the event is to short. We need more time imo.


i think change this to TBL MVP more good.

10 players can get MVP, 5 for PVP kills and 5 for gems collected.

Yeah, I mean 1 player does not get multiple mvps from multiple gem feud.

Isn’t the requirement to be #1? That would be 4 players per session. If it’s just being on the list (#1 to #5), then 20 people could theoretically be on the list per session (10 per team). And there are two sessions per day, so that should be attainable by most people.

Unfortunately, I think they screwed up again with the patch and fused all the channels again. Plus feud is currently at 8pm until Sunday which collides with RL. That’s the main concern at the moment.

No, the requirement is to be on the board–I’m not sure if it’s winning team only? I got it yesterday for like rank 5.

I think actually this is because so many people are doing it, there were multiple matches yesterday for Klaipeda with 30+ per team. Not sure though.

6-11 PM is prime time, makes sense that things like Feud will be at this time. And it’s prime time because the smallest amount of people have RL obligations at that time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, MVP is top 5. I figured it was impossible because in most games MVP is #1, but it’s different here (I’m glad someone told me but I can’t remember who xD). I got it yesterday by ignoring the guys slaughtering our side and just grabbing gems. I think I came second or third in the end but it still completed the stamp mission.

Getting MVP is easy if we didn’t have 100+ people in one channel. IMC ■■■■■■ up again. Yesterday in telsiai, it was a 60 vs 60 match. I went to kill some people, it became laggy, then I got disconnected. Couldn’t come back because channel is already full. Seriously IMC. :unamused:

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Getting Top 5 in crystals isn’t that bad, and in some cases you can get top 5 in kills with 5 or less.

Just change it to “participating Gemstone Feud”.


please change this one into a newbie friendly one.i wont stand a chance against those vet, those SRs while i insist doing melee.
please make final reward for all.
for everyone here who agree go make your ticket too and lets see what will happen.

No, it’s top 5 on kills or gems.

You don’t need to be #1 to get the stamp.

Yeah found out. In fact on Fedi we have the chance of having 15v15 to 20v20 feud sessions so it’s not that hard to get the stamp.

All the other armor and weapon from this event can be do in solo. This one we need to pray for many factos and hope one day you will get the mvp.

what is worse is now more people go to gem feud that causes lag and sometimes vga for bunch of peeps including me today.
and also not everyone are into pvp
i wont even step my feet into TBL without this stamp requirement

i hope GM honeydew from klai told the event planner what some of us hoping for to change the requirement to be more newbie friendly.

something like participate in gem feud is pretty nice of you

even that floor 40 bernice and vh uphill is still doable to me
this is my last one with fishing and 1 more vh uphill

That would be great.
Or at least fix the 40vs40 (or more) Feud :sleepy:

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this gonna take them more time
this stamp will end before it can happen
or even when this stamp end, it wont happen especially when majority doesnt go to feud anymore,feud feels much better again and less ppl complain about it.


how many more like and comments until this feedback got response?
i even got 3 times vga last week
please change it into something like participate x times in gem feud.
i even done floor 40 bernice and also uphill very hard and cm stage 7 with the help of people
this mvp is big wall for me to grab the final reward

come on~


i 2nd this. the mvps are almost the same each day. and they keep coming cause they need their daily BG and stuffs. also im not having build that can easily snatch stone like SR or multi aoe wiz. nor im into PVP. thats why i quit like days ago.I felt like i can say sayonara to the final reward cause i finish all the quest except for this one. maybe once the events almost over, majority of player who stuck with this like me will show up here more.


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