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SRs in Episode 12 Content

(right click the images and select to view them in a new tab if you are having trouble seeing the numbers, stats etc.)

I see alot of questions about SRs in general and there are alot of misconceptions about the class b/c its really not played much outside of being used as an Baubas Caves or OW15 CM farmer.

I am an older gamer in real life with some pretty beat up hands, so the AA playstyle is really comfortable to me, I have played as an QS in the early days of founder’s early access using a grand cross, a meme chaplain inquisitor before the nerf to froster lord cards when you could just freeze the world, and finally as an SR which has been my favorite.

With the new Goddess Saint Oasis Armor set and the current Renovate Trigger and some investment a pure Limacon based AA SR is back and pretty formidable in endgame/episode 12 content.

To prepare for the changes im going back to a more physical raw damage build as opposed to additional damage. I am running SR/Enchanter/Sheriff, I did try Rangda aswell to make sure before deciding and this did feel like the best overall damage for most scenarios outside of pure bossing, in which case you would just swap a circle for Linker.

The armors would just be your random ichor of choice and 4 Courages, linking 1 to show;

My cards below are pretty static, the one thing I change is the legend card, if field farming I run Helga b/c the build is an SP vampire, if bossing, bernice etc I will switch to Marnox or Panto etc.

Assister wise I use 2 setups, the 1st is a general all purpose PVE setup;

and then this is what i use for Boruta to help reduce the damage from the meteors and bombs;

As ive said previously its a very large investment and the majority of other classes can do the same thing with less then 1/4th the cost but if you are looking for a comfy AA SR, this should give you a better idea of how to gear for episode 12 content.

The class circles can vary, I have settled on SR/Enchanter/Sheriff but if your looking for a pure bosser you will want to get Linker in there, thaum and corsair are soon to be outdated with the removal of silver from fields so I wont mention those going forward.

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Would love to see this in action especially in CM and other AOE-heavy content. Would be nice to have more SR youtubers.

Sadly its still quite weak in heavy AoE situations, im hopeful that the new change to Limacon that turns it into a temporary AoE burst helps counter that but well have to wait to see.

I have a seperate scout thats pure Thaum/Enchan/Corsair with the +2 corsair skills ichor, jolly roger and swell hands gems, and 100/100 every buff attribute to do CMs and guild Boruta with, the SR is more just for me. I use mine to WBR, Bernice, and farm Path of Desition and Jugners, and other areas.

Better show us your dmg output too. :thinking:

Just a fellow SR sharing their progress

By the way, the rarity of assistor affects the combination stats too, here’s mine.

Reiter will be super strong when the new goddess armors get released, but not because of add. damage. I believe that meme ship has sailed, in favor of just raw physical damage from Limacon + Saint oasis set.
Unless you get the new luciferi pridetti set maybe, but someone has to waste a ton of money to find out if that path is a waste of time or not.

Did you try Rangda for HUGE add dmg buff ?

I havent tried Rangda, asfar as the Saint Oasis armor the only actual thing I need to swap is just echo for coordination and then shuffle my cards a bit, nothing major there down the road.

This one only applicable if only if you have vvr pistol for SR. Without it SR probably should just stay as farmer or CM semi-buffer.


I think with the style of your build, echo sword & add damages red cards are really bad because 19k it’s to low.

Can be better to stay with the combo rajapearl/prison cutter, glacia sword (if you don’t have coordination for the moment).

Edited the post since alot of the information would be outdated and inferior come the new content on Tuesday.

How does this build compares with SR/Enchanter/Thau?

Thaum is pretty outdated, corsair was significantly better to farm silver with pillaging procs, the #1 ranking sr/ench/thaum stuff you see online is old. Sadly alot of the information on the game you find via internet searches are from 2016-2018.

There are some KTOS players using Thaum recently for swell hands on certain WBRs but the more common meta youll see going forward is /sherrif, its just a better general purpose circle.

Basically say you use just 1 sherrif skill, lets say fanning an aoe skill, after you use fanning it goes on cooldown for 15 seconds, when that cooldown is up you get stacks of the reload buff, it can stack up to 10 and boosts your damage. Reload is also very easy to keep up so you can continue to play a pure Limacon AA based style while only tapping 1 or 2 buttons occasionally, and 1 is actually a very nice AoE which is something we lack atm until marching fire gets turbo charged shortly.

might give it a try, have you got a skill built you can share?

Also, in regards with marching fire, i currently rarely use it because i cannot AA at the same time, where i mostly use retreating shot + AA together. Is this right?

retreat + AA is old but gold combo, its fine. Marching fire however, later become “channeling” instead and with more DMG, that skill become useful.

it’s still true for “popular” ranking tho. since majority of bots using this build :haha:

botters got BOT ranking polls too :3333

use ichor from STR/DEX/CRIT/ADD DMG easy 1m critical rate por shoot of limacon

The skills are more personal preference, its an AA based build unless you have high ping and you choose to focus more on skills.

The buffs are all the same, any skill simulator you look up will be about the same. Offensive skill wise 1 point in caracole just for the increased damage taken from missile type attacks, and max retreat shot and marching fire, evasive action can be left at 1 point or taken higher, you are really just using that for the ART that gives you debuff immunity during marching/retreating skill use.

There are some people that use concentrated fire however they are playing specific boss damage builds utilizing linker as their 3rd circle, my approach is just for general PVE purposes, not pure bossing or pvp.

Sheriff has several good skills but tbh I really only use 2, I use fanning and peace maker with the shotgun ART to make it an aoe, you can leave the ART off and follow up peacemaker with an aiming shot to do increased damage but I like to keep my buttons low, as ive said my hands and wrists are in pretty bad shape.

New Limacon Art seems to be very conditional to be used. Translation notes said its a 45s dura on a 60s cd limacon, 2target becomes 5target
especially when i wanna field farming ep12 maps.
1.Any skill rotation suggestion on the 15s down time when u solo or don have a diev??
2.worth using it on field for the extra 3targets with 15s down time on limacon??