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SR Builds help!

I need help, I’m new in this game. I like the SR class. Can you tell me a build for this class and other tips?

Enchanter is the best complement for SR in my opinion, then you can finalize with Thaumaturge or Corsair for higher farm income due their buffs and attributes. Other classes are possible too, but more niche like Linker (Boss/CM), Bullet Marker (Demons and dark type), Assassin (Crit damage) or Outlaw (PvP).

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If you pick thauma, expect your character to suck outside of hunting grounds. I only know one SR and I think hes corsair ench or corsair linker, not sure.

If you’re just starting out you can pick Enchanter and Linker. It’s good for people starting out. If you want to farm HG pick Thaum Linker. If you decide to main it and acquire large funds over time, you can switch to BM. I tried enchanter on my build since I wanted to test out every variation, and I find enchanter very lacking on super geared character, it lacks versatility.

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Thank you for your answers. I have these builds, what do you think?

SR> Thau> Sheriff.

I personally think Thaumaturge is only good for farming (swell body and brain). The speed boost, even for auto attack builds, is not that great. The best skill that thauma offers in PvE is swell arms, and probably the only useful one in PvE.

I went with SR-sheriff-outlaw, only because I like it. It offers high evasion (bully + redemption + blindfire). Best build imo for SR should be SR-enchant-linker (or corsair).

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If you go thaum for farming you have to go linker. Most people go thaum for the swell skills as that’s its strongest point.

May I ask what content you are mostly going for on your build like, HG, end-game, Gemstone, etc?

I focus on the PVE content. My style of play at any online RPG is trade. The first character I like creating first is the one to help me accomplish this task.

I have tried other characters and I liked the BM … And that will be my main character…

Btw, I’m fans to AA builds…

I’m currently using SR-ench-sheriff…and is very good…sheriff gives bossing capabillities and a very nice rotation with fanning to do CM…
I’m sticking with that build

I’d go SR-Ench-Cors if you want to focus on AA. Corsair gives nice buffs (JR, Brutality) that further improve your AA, and Hexen and Q&D are very strong skills that help if you get mobbed :slight_smile:

You also would want to invest in 3 Velnia Monkey and Biteregina cards, to add a bonus of increased damage against poisoned enemies (Bite gives a chance to poison with each attack, VM increases damage against poisoned enemies). It is not necessary to have 3 Bite cards as they only increase the chance to poison, so you can instead get 1 or 2 Gazing Golem cards to make you immune to knockdown & knockback.

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Does brutality improve your AA? I assume if you go enchanter you are using lightning hand (lightning hand is strike type btw).

Now that you mentioned it I read the description and Limacon is a [Buff][Physical] type… But aren’t the pistol AA missile by default?

Yea, I think AA with Limacon is still missile.

After playing SR>Enchanter>Thauma since the Re:build patch i finally tested SR>Ench>Assassin since the event made testing very convenient

And it’s sad but Hasisas is so busted that it makes Assassin worth just for that one skill,it’s beyond broken.Just remember to use Hasisas first(it unmounts you so it removes Limacon),before your other buffs and you’ll be fine.

But since all skills unmount,you can’t use anything else or you’ll lose Limacon(60 secs cd). If they want to make it more compatible they should go for a 1 sec CD Limacon.But it’s still worth because it’s so absurdly broken for SR(and BulletMarker).

since the new class is here, why not tryin SR > Sheriff > X
you can place X with either outlaw, enchanter, or corsair.
the rotation skill combo is marching > retreat > panning > repeat


Max crit chance is 60%
Hasisas is a 90% average damage increase (while 100% crit damage) at maxed crit.

No other buff in the scout tree compares.
Closest is like maxed Jolly Roger for 10 seconds.

SR doesnt crave filler skills anyways since marching and retreating leave like 5s downtime.

I mean there are other factors to consider for overall DPS than just Hasisas as a buff but yeah the buff is pretty bonkers.

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For real?! I always thought the skill is just meh, but I guess I never know unless I try.

I tried it, and it really makes you go ZOOOM! XD

SR on drugs is hella fun :smiley:

EDIT: Though on other hand Sin would work better with BM, because then you CAN use other skills. Just keep a dagger in the second equipment set. The price is you lose the AoE from Limacon but on the other hand you become a single target monster.

EDIT 2: OK I tested BM-Ench-Sin and while it is slightly slower in clearing mobs what it lacks in speed it makes up with magnitude. It literally MELTS any target it comes upon (tho I tested that at lv 277 so it’s not that significant).

Lol OK.

I guess SR-sheriff-assassin is not a bad idea either. SR is good for AoE, sheriff is good for single target, and assassin provides the crit buff. No limacon in this build though.

How strong is limacon + lightning hand btw? Is it stronger than marching fire and retreat shot in terms of damage?

I went assassin>SR>ench with a new character and was just “Meh” for me. I imagine this build is for end-game players, with top tier gear that can make use of the crit. dmg boost. I don’t know if this build can be recommended to a new player.