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Spooky Halloween Masquerade event!

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Spooky Halloween Masquerade event!’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

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Sorry for the question but I did some math on the event info and since we can only get 100 [Halloween] Specialty Candy daily that means we can get max 2800 candy for the event, isn’t the event shop prices a bit too high since they are also meant to be used for buying more random costume box and lucky dip chances? It is normal to not be able to get everything from an event shop but this time we can’t afford more than one or two items from it if doing another parts of event too.


this event include some rng in it.
you can spend the candy for lucky dip and get the 2k permanent coupon for less, or even worse you wont get anything worth 20 days of effort
some item also only exist in lucky dip which means you end up need rng to grab it
one biggest problem is actually consistency. in lucky dip they call it permanent costume exchange voucher and in shop they call it costume permanent coupon.i doubt those two are different item

even in the current master event you cant grab everything by doin 100% completion.
sure you can grab the watermelon costume,but not the shop items
like a year ago where there were savinose legva as reward i remember some event would let you to buy everything like one event that involving ice cube thing iirc
but now, probably after some d*ck move of white knight players suggestion who dont want f2p players get too much freebies, or some complains about how exhausted [casual] players doing so much contents daily to grab all event item they add limit and option

tbh if you breakdown the reward some item just not as worthy as the other
this could be analyzed as problem but it can also be intended
skill/stat/attribute/arts reset is not really big deal unless you really need it.theres always another alternative except for attribute reset
50k attribute point for 25 days full effort is so not worthed. even though its worth 50m there are more easier alternative.
enchant scroll even though you can get 50 of it, its still just rng and its not worth 15 days of the effort, same with awakening stone and enchant jewel. you can get more if you are lucky otherwise its junk
10 cm reset can be a good money maker if you hit good vaivora in those 10 runs, otherwise its just another bloater to stop you from another good item
the 2nd most interesting one with less rng involved imo is actually unidentified mystic tome, which can worth 50m+
and the most interesting is obviously costume permanent coupon. its worth the most if you hit previously-non-existent costume like sky blue laima, black wolf, and white track costume cause you cant get it anywhere else currently

as costume enthusiast i want that black wolf costume, and i hope it got black tails, and use the rest of 800 in third week to hopefully get another costume permanent coupon and use it for white tracksuit. or i can get some anvils or just badges duh
but if you dont care about rare costume, unlike me you can grab arts tome for best trade off imo

“All items from the [Halloween] Random Costume Box are timed items (7 days), but some items can be changed to permanent items by exchanging with Permanent Costume Exchange Voucher.”

Do we really need to get the costume first before we can turn it into permanent?

Yes you need the costume first before even converting it into the permanent version.

Doesn’t matter anyway, since only the junk costumes can be turned permanent. Enjoy your Giltine Wings for a week…

3 of them seems good though

So either we play 4 weeks getting coins to only buy a single permanent costume voucher or we use it in 10 unidentified tomes. 4 weeks playing daily for only that. Worst event ever. I really hope they fix it and give at least enough coins to get the unidentified tomes + the single permanent costume voucher. And I refuse to even consider spending those coins in the lucky dip, no point, not enough coins for anything. I think is better not opening the costumes to avoid the painful choice between maybe make it permanent (if can be permanent at call, only few can) or buy the 10 tomes.

Hello IMC,
May you please clarify if the 100 coin limit is per team or per character?
And may you please hire better English translators? Texts are getting really hard to understand.
All the best,

Thank for information.

Imagine u play for a month just to get 1 permanent costume but u are unlucky that u dont get any of those which can turn into permanent.

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This event is rly weird… There is even that lucky dip thing where you should be able to gamble some of your coins…

I feel like the limit was meant to be much higher…

100 per team … I stopped getting any coins after i changed to another character

It’s quite scary that it will actually happen to about maybe 70% of the population of itos hahaha the RNG in this game is so bad …

not to mention if you get your 7 day costume before you can get a voucher… this event is full of baits or something XD

Well … I’m half disappointed and half happy :sweat_smile:
I wanted these permanent halloween costumes and I was really excited to get’em. But at the moment … I don’t know anymore.
100 coins a day and 2.000 thousand for a permanent voucher AND if you’re lucky enough to earn the costume you want to be turned into perm.
To be honest there are better things to buy over the costumes. I won’t complain more because it’s a free event and that’s better than having nothing at all :no_mouth:
But … Next time I wish this wouldn’t happen again :roll_eyes:

that’s more than doing all assister dungeon in 4 weeks.