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[Spoiler Alert!] Advertisement phrase?


Hey, Saviors.

You know a lot of things going on these days, but one of the things is we also giving the first step, on advertisements. That’s Right the Ad!

But since this is also our first step, we were wondering if you could give us some feedback :smiley:

What do you think?

No Maintenance on May 9, 2017
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Please IMC, give us an updated and well explained data base for Tree of Savior

Exciting, what could the major changes be?

cant wait to read about this.


Probably the major balance patch,

Back to the topic I like the hakkapell picture :wink:


You know it’s coming hehe :slight_smile: how do you feel about the ads phrase?


Just as i expressed myself, its exciting! :smile:

me right now :stuck_out_tongue:


I have nothing to add to this except… HYPE!


I don’t expecting this fast for the Combat Change, but it sounds too good.
Free DLC Pack? Wuut’s that?


They look fine, though i would probably put up one that mentions the class reset event aswell, asuming you’re still doing that


Those phrase is fine…put them in twitter as well
dead twitter is dead …even when you added the link in the frontpage of tos


(evil smile) It’s secrettt


The text on the first one seems a bit clunky.
But the Hype is real on the last one.



Take place into a wagon


The true hyper train is this one…

The results after patch with bugs and crashes…

I can feel it, crawling under my skin.


I like picture 2 & 3 font and class master images.

It is excellent to mention -free- items. You must mention rank reset.

edit: make more ad with
Free rank reset
Free stat reset

Major game update

Free exp boosters
Free …


Could just imagine what release day will look like.


:joy: Then the word “DLC Pack” is a bit lack attractive, “Attractive Bonus Package” maybe sound more catching.


What if this DLC includes free xp tomes, reset voucher, and other goodies?


1 class reset voucher, 1 stat reset and 1 skill reset potion per character per day.


“Come join Tree of Savior we have cute girls (male) playing”