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[SPECIAL] Demon Cube - Jan 29, 2019


The new special cube features costumes and accessories from TOS’ archvillain Giltine! Available for two weeks only!


The cube only have the items in the img right? i mean you cant get trash hats and the like no? if i buy a cube and get a trash hat i m going to be really pissed you know? :smiley:


It was $13 a cube on kToS which is why it isn’t filled with fodder.


So… Leticia and 200 TP?


You can see them rolling a bunch of crap from the giltine cube in this video…It’s the same bad RNG as normal goddess blessed cubes it seems.


Cash Shop content can be different in different versions of TOS.
We’ll see soon*tm


@Guava , Isn’t that the Goddess Cube and not the Demon Cube posted today?

Checked, it’s already in there and it seems it gives a random item from the published list.


Another 2 weeks of godesscube why? imc why?

Its not that i´m a Hardcore buyer but with letetia cube at least i dont feel scamed…


lacking to know how much it will cost


Where is the probability of each item?


When will we have the 100% ichor extraction voucher ? next leticia’s i suppose :3


ktos odds are:

  • Giltine Follower Robe Box - 45%
  • Giltine Follower Hood Box - 45%
  • Giltine Thorns - 3%
  • Small Giltine Doll - 2%
  • Small Giltine Wings - 2%
  • Giltine Incense Burner - 3%

But can be different on Itos


I wonder if you can exchange those costumes for medals then…cause otherwise we’ll be seeing a whole lot of giltine costumes that have nowhere to go.





@STAFF_Letitia Is the staff aware you cannot exchange the Giltine Robes for medals?


p*mp my giltines