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South America server [SA] Means only one Server for LatinAmerica?

Dude are you really using a definition that came from an old Empire?

Dude are you really reading? lol

I don’t use this definition myself, it’s the third time I’m saying it. However, it IS a solid argument because it’s simple a fact. There are no lies there. Hispania does not exist anymore on that name, so we have to go back to see what it meant. The relation to spanish as well derived from it, yet to want to use it only partially? nice.

Why the server would be in Brazil ?

I think the brazilian server should be in Brazil, not the SA.

I doubt the high services costs in Brazil would make it profitable for a SA spanish based server.

IMC servers are hosted by amazon, and amazon’s has ONE datacenter in south america, and he is located in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Yes they are the same thing, but we, brazillians, dont considers ourselves latin or hispanic, we’re just brazilians, we do not speak spanish (where the term hispanic came from) like all other countries from south and central america, even our culture is quite unique in comparison to the others countries from south america.

why imc doesnt create a BR server and a Latin American one, like riot games, there’s a latin america south (LAS), latin america north(LAN) and brazillian server(BR) for league of legends, i guess its not that hard to do it :x


because LoL has millions of players ?


brazilians aren’t latin america plz can create one server for they can play alone

It’s not a Latin American server, it’s South American. With that in mind, where do you think it should be located so players from extreme south of Chile and north of Colombia get a decent ping?

Of course, Brazilians don’t deserve a South America server. After all, they live in North America…wait, ops.

You guys should stay quiet and stop with this hate speech towards other countries. You are getting nowhere with it.

Brazil has the largest player base in this game, together with US… just pointing a fact… the server will probably be located there. If you don’t like the Brazilians, then go play somewhere else, or make a petition that proves that your player base is big enough to justify the “Hispanic server”

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The server is hosted in São Paulo - Brazil,
for the simple reason that the only Amazon’s data center in South America is located in Brazil.

I’m sorry if achieved play an important part of your life ops! which I do not care.

who is talking about hate? here the only thing strange is you and your comment, what I’m trying to say is the language as Latin America speaks Spanish and we would not have because we care about the Portuguese, in case the English for the part of a second language that provides a working environment, but if you sirbe comfort you can inte your “North America” and play casually :smiley:

About Amazon’s servers:

I’m sorry, i wasn’t capable of understanding what you meant with this post.

Looks like it’s settled.
How to test your ping to the EU,SEA and SA servers

Imc named it right, we brazilians dont consider ourselves latin america, but south american yes, because its a region, not a etnic block what sounds very racist.

Everything is deemed “racist” nowadays lmao. And its funny how brs that dont speak english very well are usually hateful against non br speakers(if u speak english/spanish around them they’ll start insulting u in portuguese).

That’s normal in small cities in any country. Any foreign thing is hostilized.

This is not meant to be hispanic or not, is just geowise located at South America.