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Some question about Asio Bow

My build is Ranger/Falconer/Mergen
I tried Asio Bow and i found its not easy to active the effect.

And… I accident success ichor it. Should i use in my Velcoffer bow?
Or its just too bad and not worth to use?

Any Asio bow effect user here?
Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion.

I never thought Asio bow was any good, just a bit gimmicky.

I personally would go wastrel or even Masi before asio.

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Yea me too, im still collecting material for Masinios bow.(Lunar angel Trump)
But because i have an Asio bow so i try to Ichor it
Damn usually im a bad lucker. Life is joke.Anyway this is my first ichor success…

Unless others can chime in with actually having some experience with asio, I’d farm for wastrel or Masi.

I haven’t ever made or used asio bow, just the stats and how the gimmick works doesn’t make me think it’s better than wastrel or Masi, unless I am missing something.

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Well I’d say if youre a pve farmer then use it. Free ichor is always good :slight_smile: spam cm with it

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