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*SOLVED* Skiaclipse runestaff doesn't work as i "think" was intended

Skiaclipse rune staff dexription about meteor armaggedon is this

Meteor skill will apply it’s damage over 5 hits: effect do not stack with meteor flame ground attribute

however what happen here is it actually DIVIDE the skill damage by 5 and then apply it 5 time. What ?!
i do not think this is how it is suppose to work i think it is suppose to act as the flame ground attribute from elementalist but does not require flame ground from pyro , am i understanding this right ?

It doesnt divide by 5, it divides by 3 (I think), so its still a damage increase.


i’m just saying i do not think it;s what it is suppose to do

It’s intentional. If it truly made it deal 5 times the damage, that would be far too powerful.

flame ground attribute from ele do exactly that

The flame ground attribute functions the same way as the staff. It doesn’t deal 5 times damage, it works as Zeucleio described.

It does not.

Been a while that i tested/payed_attention, it was like 5 hits for a total of 3 time the dmg

okay , thats why i said i think in the title thanks for the heads up guys