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Solved: Inquisitor's malleus skill inquiry

Yep I’m C2->Diev3->Paladin1->Kabbalist1->Inquisitor. It is more of a hybrid build though as there are as many physical skills and magic skills, hence the Vienarazis Mace is god send, with good physical and magic attack in 1 single item.

Sigh, hopefully at C2 they will add dmg% to malleus then. Kabbalist 1 + Inquisitor is not a bad combo. Besides the pear+r7f, I can crash small wheels into the big wheel, and Ein Sof helps a lot.

@DiMeowgio they will still miss though, when the enemy ran pass the ‘cone’ radius as we are casting MM towards our flanks. It is kind of a like a directional spray. My guildmate called it the “cat breath” lol (obvious cuz my nick has the word neko).

I have not seen %enhance for malleus. Probably they will, since every damage skill has %enhance so far. I can’t be 100% sure these will be inquis but they sound very much like inquis.

All inquis skills are level 3 debuff.

I meant it won’t miss “mechanically”.
(magic doesn’t miss, can still get negated by CS or SZ or ST / no idea how it will interact with R7F)

Aim-wise, of course that’s up to the player’s skill.
Besides, they only need to make sure that the “target” is faced when deploying MM, after it’s out of the “book”, it will home in.

(happens a lot to me when rushing 290 DG vs Lavenzard, he tends to jump but still eats all the hits)

Not all skills have dmg% attributes , breaking wheel also lack in this attribute. Kabbalist R7f too.

Leadsprayer hopefully it will be a good debuff that will increase magic damage. Increased conductivity with lightning? Lol

@DiMeowgio I’ve yet to try out the other interactions between other Kabbalist skills with inquisitor. So far only pears + R7f. One thing which is constantly in my mind is does pears of anguish have its own pdef/mdef. As the more damage dealt to pears, the more damage it will reflect back.

We really need an inquisitor thread to consolidate information on the class. Right now is like scattered across various paladin / monk / Kabbalist class threads.

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Sounds painful

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If it’s anything like that image… it sounds like Aspergillum 2.0 (nasty too).

That’s true but I guess it’s not really something I’d be interested in starting myself. My interest was piqued by Malleus Maleficarum alone (it was the first skill I got immediately after changing class). I had some questions about it, @greyhiem came through for me on that. :slight_smile:


Other than what’s been said, people might read this and think I’m trying to insist that ALL Inquisitor should get at least Lv1 MM.

I AM NOT. You guys do you. :smirk:

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Yes, I do!

All inquis should get at least lvl1 malleus!

It’s not a bug; it’s a feature that IMC probably forgot to put on the skill desciption for ITOS.

it also proves that inquisitors hates all mages in all forms, so much that they are using their matk to murder them.

Now, getting malleus to lv5 means you want it 100% up on that poor mage.

And yes, we need inquisitor’s thread and bully all p00r mages.

If that poor mage isn’t already dead when you cast it to begin with (especially if he/she was the only target).

There are tough mages, like those slobs in inner wall district 8, where all died getting pole of agonies everywhere.

[quote=“Huerin, post:29, topic:333318”]bully all p00r mages.

As long as there is any residue or traces of magic on the ground, just throw pears onto it and R7f. The poor mage no matter how far he is (even other side of the map) will get zapped by the heavenly beams of anguish.

Oh I was referring to human players in PvP (provided they eat all the bits).

Only Imc or korean video games companies always fail english translate shamelessly and think they deserve more western “support”?

Thanks for the thread, didn’t know this was part of the debuff.

Would you recommend Malleus as lvl 5 for a dex build? All 4 skills have good scaling so I’m not sure what to recommend in my newbie thread now x…x

Obviously it’s nice for chaplain due to its many hits.
Or any int based build for that matter.

Chaplains greatly get the benefit from malleus debuff.

To be precise, I can’t tell if it would be a good idea to max it for a dex build. It can’t crit while the other skill can(does pear of anguish and wheel skill crit?) but it is a handy spell to help your mages. At lv5 or so, you can maintain it permanently on the enemy, assuming you can hit them with it.

In all, it all lies on the person’s objective in his role playing as an inquisitor.

As for int build wise inquisitor, I have not encountered them unless they’re paladins or monks in klaipedia.

Yep to both.

Need to mull it over a bit.
Might be worth it on a monk/inquisitor, they hit quite often already. Esp if it works on one inch & palm strike ticks.

Do you know what modifier this debuff is? Is it affected by enhance & elemental bonuses?

Unfortunately no idea bout the modifier.

elemental bonuses as such those arde/karachi dagger?

enhance such that enchant fire or such?

Elemental bonus as in element (called common modifier). aka if you hit a dark mob with holy dmg is the mm debuff also multiplied by 2?

Enhance is simply the enhance attribute. It’s one of the last calculated modifiers but is an easy up to x2 dmg multiplier as well.

Or it could be a bonus type like blessing, though they tend to list said value directly when dealing dmg. Those are not modified by any bonus.

See: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact! for reference.

Malleus should be nice on monkquisitor (work on DoT right), chapquisitor (many lines), and INT-multi-hit quisitor (many hit). Very nice for party members too. Should be nice vs bosses.

Seems less strong if you solo on palaquisitor since your burst is (conviction) 3*single hit Godsmash.

Malleus debuff & wheel hitcount though.

Inquis1 skills are really nice. It is difficult to save points for inquis2. :sweat_smile:
Most inquis I have seen are monk2/3. Debuff damage should apply on toy hammer proc too.

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Im cleric2/chap/pd1 right now if i choose inqu isn’t fine or i just go to pd2?