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Solution to losing player count


Last night steam records showed 750 active players across all regions.
Then we see the new popo round 2.

Popo is not a solution, it’s just afking in game, that’s what you’re encouraging. And for very meager rewards at that.

There are a few solutions:

You need to make rank resets happen monthly. Even if it’s just one per team. People make mistakes, or want experiment, with the grind this game has that’s burnout material. Giving out rank resets does not hurt the game, you’re still locked into the category you chose, and the gear you have. We aren’t going to be rerolling out of velc gear to wear generic 380s again.

You need to make weekend exp events permanent, and you should make all <360 chars have the friendship bonus permanently. Players don’t want to make new alts because the grind is too much. If there was less, people would be more inclined to buy more char slots and roll more alts. This doesn’t hurt the game.

Lastly, unlock more stuff to do each day. 3/3 dungeons? at 390? No.
This popo event encourages us to idle in town and afk. How is that a solution? Unlock more stuff to do, and add good rewards for doing it. But don’t make the game about dailies. Dailies ruin games. Players feel forced to play to keep up. Burnout, hate the game but keep with it, then finally quit for good, they won’t return. If you don’t burnout your players and they decide to quit, they might come back next content update.

Ideally I should be able to login and have the CHOICE to spend ~6hrs doing random things of value. Possibly 1hr is tolerated for FORCED dailies, such as the Saulus mess and CM(s), but really these should be weekly things. Instead of doing Saulus 1/1 time per DAY, it should be 7/7 times per WEEK. Some days we can do 2-4 others days 0, it’s not FORCED, so we can explore other options for that day.

That’s how I’d help the game, the #1 thing every player says is the class system is amazing, but it’s limited behind GRIND and no resets. If you mess up, either start over or oh well. Once you have a character you really like, THERE IS NOTHING TO DO ON THEM.


This needs to be fixed.

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idk man the time I left tos I actually felt relaxed and happy.

No daily chore troubles etc.

Perhaps this is how modern KR games are, there’s more pressure than fun.

I have work, when I log it I have to catch it up with some dailies which takes about 30mins-1hr depending on which ones you do, if you skip em you’ll miss out on quite a bit.

People would probably reply my post with “duh you have to play the game to be competitve” yeah sure, but stuck with dailies isn’t actually fun either, which is the purpose of playing games.

Player count lost are those done with exploring new content and do not want to get stuck with dailies. I haven’t gotten back into the game myself, but I think I’m no longer up for it either unless some interesting change shows up

and for the very first time that I’ve been inactive I got a rank reset voucher, for being inactive. Meanwhile active players don’t, except for some events, lol.

your monthly reset is a good idea, but I doubt IMC wants that.

but anyway, what I’ve said here is part of what you’ve mentioned already and several others, they’re TOO SLOW on changing this (some good things they did was Saalus from 2 to 1, ET from daily to weekly) tbh it could be better if it’s only once a week but whatever


and sad to see a vast game in bild and chances to end up like this, dear, until private servers raganrok has more people online than here I’m leaving the game despite having liked it a lot, because I work and I have little time to play, and when I play the game with problem to log in or other problems. the truth and that was to have a system of rollback when happened the problem with silver hack, more preferred to lose the players


This is still one of the most counterintuitive things that IMC does, to me. Reward people for playing–we get one rank reset from AJ and that’s it, ever.

Solving the “chores” problem is still complex. There just needs to be rewarding content to do that isn’t on a daily lockout.

Here’s a thought: Reward people who do experiment with multiple builds, add more regular growth rewards to people with a higher growth AJ score–because it’s usually indicative that those people have a higher demand for resets than a “oops I bricked my build I want free stuff” type of person.

Another thought: Expand raids to be actual raids and more elaborate, where progress is saved and a lockout is weekly. Things to do over the course of an entire week, rather than spam dailies and be done.


well. there are a lot of ways to bring players back, like rewards, new content, rework this, balance that.
I think we had a Huge loss this time by 2 reasons: There was no roll back(probably because they though it was a local problem and they could deal with manually); and they deactivated the poposhop(i guess because of some sort of exploit… maybe).

Looking that way, the back of poposhop will help a bit, but when they release those upcoming raid, balances on canonner and other things, i hope there will be more players again.

And balancing the PvP is another thing they can start thinking. Right now its heavily equip dependent… And there is this sage meta, where you die for 1 dimension compression(i like tanks so usually it takes like 3 to kill me) and if you dont die they will stun, knock you up, stun you again, freeze you, teleport away, throw your dignity away them cast dimension compression again… It isnt that funny, at least reitiarius remove your shield and end your misery fast(most of the time).

Anyway, my suggestions are: New raid, rework some old classes and balance the pvp to make it more ability dependent.


IMC doesn’t even advertise / fix the big problems of the game, how will they get new players? The fps / lag problem turns people off, the hacks, etc.


Solutions :

  • Finally find a way to get rid of hook64 and similar hacking tools + find ways to make using these more difficult (ideally : totally unable to use these) VERY HIGH PRIORITY

  • Fix all the lag and stuttering issues (server side) HIGH PRIORITY

  • Stop releasing new content or other updates without testing properly and making sure there are no obvious bugs (like the Astral Tower quest bug for example)

  • Make it so dungeons and other group activities feels less restricted (group activities are fun, however having to organize just because not everyone can participate is already a problem, and adding limits to all this makes organizing group activies a nightmare)
    For example : having to organize through the entire week just to do something that’ll last for 5 minutes or less, and having to re-organize again because some people can only participate 2 times instead of 3

As long as hacks are a thing, no one will want to stay on ToS : “Why should i play and have to farm etc when other people can just get infinite silver etc to get everything ?”

While the staff did a good job with the market and infinite silver issue we’ve had, doing a rollback would have been better, it would have made things way easier and faster in general

Staff should really consider working on a rollback system for the game / server, if the game had more players doing what they did wouldn’t have been possible : there would have been way too much work to do.