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Solo survival Priest-Paladin

That alone devalues what ever they did with [smite]. If the cd on [conviction] were lowered then it would matter. You could convict -> smite smite -> wait on smites cd -> repeat but then you waited 9 sec for the cd on [smite] (not counting animation time) to initiate the cd on [conviction].

They don’t even mesh well. It’s like “what skill can we combo with [smite] … oh look [conviction]”.

Yeah it is not that great but If I’m right you can
Conviction-> Buffed Smite -> Buffed Smite -> normal Smite -> Conviction

So it is not totally bad either imo.

…and I’m not sure but I think the damage on tosbase wasn’t updated yet… I don’t know how Carve was then… xD

Since neither @iago_l or @c2gaming bothered to understand how sacrament works, i’m going to slightly derail this topic towards explaining how it does work.

Sacrament adds a second hit to auto attacks that is 12-40 holy dmg. It adds another 12-40 holy dmg to each and every hit. Yes that includes the secondary hit.

Secondly, both are multiplied vs dark type enemies. And all secondary hit auto attacks of a element receive a 3x multiplier due to the current dmg formula, instead of a 2x. (don’t ask me why, i don’t find it logical tbh. Look up the dmg guide)

And a webm demonstration of said dmg:

Ergo lvl 10 sacrament = 120/320 to auto atk and 40/80 to skill hit. Which i would recommend yes.
Lvl 5 sacrament = 72/192 to auto atk and 24/48 to each skill hit. Which is a lot less desirable.

Assuming you don’t use a cafrisun set or enchant fire ofc. That boosts it even further.

I’d probably try to get resurrect lvl 2 at least, ditch 1 from aspersion if needed imo. Or from sacrament, lvl 5 or 4 is not such a huge difference.
Otherwise skill points look good.

Stat wise:

  • I’d say put 25-50 in spr max. Probably even less. You get access to the restoration sp attribute as well meaning your sp rarely runs out.

  • You’ll want to grab some points in con and plate mastery as well to get a higher max health. Some bosses/attacks can do quite a bit of dmg.

  • Paladin is better as full str. (Smite has a t1 multiplier, meaning it’s bonus dmg gets calculated after defense. And The kd dmg multiplier is based on atk. And the multi hit bonus from conviction works better with str)

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Nice, thanks!

For the stats, yes, I was wondering if STR would be better for skill purpose.

What makes me wanna use DEX is the evasion, which would highly increase my resistance to incoming auto attacks. But lookin the paladin skills, no doubt full STR would be a better call.

So, your suggestion is that I keep a 2:1:1 ratio for Str:Int:Con?

I think you mean str/spr/con.

Ratio wise it’s closer to 7 str/2con/1spr imo.

Dex is quite nice in terms of evasion, and accuracy isn’t bad to have either for pvp. But it struggles most vs defense of enemies so it’s not always such a good option. (Assuming def stripping builds don’t become popular)
Perhaps you can mix in a bit of dex just to be sure, but i’m not sure what ratio is serviceable for paladins in that regard.

for healing and support purpose, INT wont be necessary?

Yes, I do know how it works and I’d rather put points into anythingelse and keep it lv1.
Btw, to make it clear; sacraments gives you 1 line of holy damage that deals 12-40dmg. Plus 12-40 Holy Attack. Only holy attack is added to other lines of damage.
Btw, you should’ve used real values to show its damage, not only against Dark monsters(LOL you make it look OP by saying 120/320). You didnt because it sucks against anything that isn’t Dark type. So yeah, waste 9 skill points for a skill that is only good against 1 out of 7 monsters and that adds a botherline irrelevant damage to skills(40 per hit, OH WOW)

Int is a better option for classes that scale with it better, though the heal boost is nice it’s not large enough to be a must have. Otherwise it only scales with Resurrection (gets interrupted to easy), Turn undead and barrier with the attribute.
But they’re all single hit effects with crap dmg, so that’s not really any synergy for your build.

Thank you for confirming you didn’t test sacrament nor bothered to watch the webm.:cold_sweat:

And i think you’ll want to look up what a slash is, i’m pretty sure the multiplier was obvious enough since i talked about it two sentences above. PS dark mobs are really common. Nor is that op. I think it can have merit occasionally.

And you need to chill if someone disagrees with you. It’s not the end of the world.

Anyways, for Paladin, you’d want str/spr/con.
I used alot higher STR than SPR but, if you go for priest c3 I think it might be better to run abit more SPR/level than 1 per 10. (especially if you’re planning to get Chaplain once the game updates for an extra rank)
I found CON to be needed with atleast 1 per 10lvs just for overall mobbing, you won’t be dying much at all bc of MassHeal

Which means Sacrament’s holy property attack deals (40+2*(40HOLYATTACK))* = 240
And first attack just deals 40HOLY*2 because of the Holy Attack it gives you(220 -> 300). Idk what’s wrong with the explanation I gave.

Wasn’t that demo a 175 cleric vs a 130 dark mob?

Look at this video…

He saved the whole match by having a ressurection with small CD (at 4:00)… Now im gonna max this skill with no doubt


How does he have so much HP? :F …I rly want to know how the equipments and stats standardised in the arena because that seems too much even for full CON…dunno…

The 0 SPR seems right…and a bit weird…XD

Did anyone play paladin in kTOS? Im just make cleric>krivis>diev>paladin c1. From what i can say,

  1. Diev>paladin is great combo. Cd, sp reduction works well now. I have no problem with sp now. If smite not works, just carve.
  2. Lvling before getting paladin is hell, especially at fight boss for change quest paladin. In dungeon, u cant support well unless u get cleric instead of krivis.
  3. Smite awesome only for demon mobs. Normal only around 200-300 damage, but to demon can get up to 1.2k-1.3k (tested in quest boss).
  4. Carve really shine on mobs weak to pierce. Other than that, just rubbish. AA much better.
  5. Im quite underestimate what restoration can do. Im str/con/spr build, so my heal only around 300++. With restoration lvl1, my heal can go up to 700. I would say paladin will be good for int support build.
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Yeah, if you are going for pvp Max Ressurection is a must.

Just to clarify like @frould said, Conversion lvls increases the amount of enemies you can convert. I read somewhere that the conversion is also permanent, but do to ai problems (like with all pets) they end up stupid and not doing much (so take what you will).

I want more conversion testing!!!
Can it be spread with pandemic from PD?
NEED MORE TESTING !!! :persevere:

edit: Damit ninja to strong :japanese_goblin:

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Hard to say for any Physical Cleric build
just feel weak in general because no str scaling skill in earlier class and even further. Fortune teller, Lama, Shepherd are likely int/spr support class.

For solo Blessing and Sacrament can be bough from Pardoner (around 1200 silver for 1 hours).
the rest of priest skills are no need for solo.
For party 5 Heal tiles and mass heal with no int is not enough for keep random guys alive.
and DPS is no where near real DPS classes.

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Paladin is a defensive support guys… His Restoration affects other’s Heals individually, your Healer’s Heal will be affected by it more than you will b/c of higher INT/HEAL.
Converted mobs last untill they die or you relog or you leave the map as far as I remember. I’ve tried converting mobs in icbt2 and I was only able to convert those Yellow Moas in Demon Prison, all other mobs weren’t convertable(in DP).
You can’t convert Elite mobs nor I was able to convert the unreasonably strong ones(the ones with huge HP and damage)
You can only heal Converted mobs with MassHeal, regular heal tiles didnt seem to work.
Converted mobs do shitty damage.
You’re not a DPS class, you’re not a Healer, you help ppl stay alive



but you dished me out for making FS paladin in an old cbt2 thread

couldnt agree more…

seeing these dual-wield builds all around makes me think that people cant see paladin as a defensive class. Just because you have some skills to bash enemies, doesnt mean you are supposed to be a DPS.

i see paladin as a defensive class for a support character. maybe in the future, they will make a new class that will combo with paladin and make it DPS.

Lol paladin is work well on defensive mode, they holding A.dagger due to it popular at the moment…
Defensive class will never drop his shield for a side dps weapon…