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Soccerer Lvl Card affect dmg on monster grimoire

If I have Ignas lv3 and lv 1 it has affect on monster’s summon ?

Card level has no effect on Sorcerer summons. This was changed in the last content update.

Which best card I should use on Main card and second card ?

Any from the list of:

Froster Lord

I personally use Ignas and Zaura almost exclusively.

I use Gorkas (large AoE) and occasionally Netherbovine (disruption).

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i use marionette, because the sound effect is very creepy

i use nuodai for replacing froster lord freeze skill, while nuodai not get buffed like the list that crevox said. so, it weak for do dmg

Do stars affect necromancer’s shoggoth?

No. You just need any 4 cards in each of the slots and it increases his max HP.

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crevox can you do a vid showcasing summons dmg? for weak summons like mirthis, naktis and such pls :smiley:

:open_mouth: thanks you so much!

I find Gorkas best for mobs. Second would be Netherbovine. Zauras cooldowns are too long.

Who’s a good second for bosses while I don’t have a second Ignas?