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So I was trying to find a reason to quit and

Mainly because waiting for the patch that will arrive maybe in July, and NA PSO2 coming out next week.

Well, I just tried RNG with Leticia Cube, 300 TP, not much.

I got nothing, and by nothing I mean nothing.
I got:

20 enchant scrolls
Potion boxes
Exp tomes
5 blesseds
Many raid stones
2 shining cards

That’s it, 300 TP.

Thanks Leticia! Now I can focus in the other game without doubts!


Wow how can you spend 300 TP so fast? You don’t wait for free 5 TP before opening 1 box?


Thanks for your kidney.


I am not siding with IMC here but did you just basically took 300TP and decided you will quit or not by gambling it?


if you are a veteran it is always good to take time to not end up too tired

You were deliberately looking for a reason to quit the game lmao
This thread will turn into a meme
I am sure you and other people can come up with 100 better reasons to quit than spending 300tps and not getting gud

Anyways, have fun in PS02 :smiley:


if I had 300 tp I would buy some cool costumes


ahh PSO2, that was a good run, till u get to the point where every boss can 1 shot you if you get sloppy. too bad the SEA fanbase died out. hope you dont spend 300 ARKpoints on RNG and quit after. have fun on PSO2, i know i did. :smiley:


dude don’t cry. I opened 1000 leticia and only got potion. Don’t complain about RNG


Spending 300TP isn’t much, sadly. I wish imc would value our money more, but it’s a gacha game after all.

No no wait bois
I know it’s RNG, but I wanted to take a bet on it.

If I got nothing, I’m good to take a pause on TOS.
If I were to get 1 good thing, only 1, I’d take it as a keep playing or play both.

It was like tossing a coin but actually tossing 300 TP HAHA

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I think Blue Protocol is better than PSO2… man, can’t wait for Blue Protocol… :heart_eyes:


hahaha i know some other couple of games like this. either one shot or just really really high damage that any glass cannon dps will end up dead with only the tanks standing. screen-wide at that

I’ve been playing PSO2 JP since it launched in 2012.

It’s like a home to me.

But yeah, Blue Protocol is gonna be BIGGGG

ToS should upgrade there environment graphics… its 2020 btw… graphics matter…

well if what matters to you are graphics I am sorry to inform you but you are in the wrong game


so you are the pso2 guy eh?
its like pso2 dont have RNG lol, they have it too lol
tbh dont play mmo if you dont wanna face RNG
its everywhere to put players in loop of endless grinding or endless paying
a cheaper way to quit is to anvil a weapon
who knows you might end up having +21 varna.or not.

PSO2 weapon upgrades and gear upgrades are not reliant on cash items and there aren’t crazy unreachable upgrade levels that are completely RNG reliant.

Oh, and I wasn’t even complaining.
Spending 300 TP and not even getting 4m silver out of it is totally fine because I was the fool to use it that way.

I think only the packages are worth spending since they are garunteed returns :tired: