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So I was trying to find a reason to quit and

u mean like the botanic stuff? how bout them goddess cubes? costumessss

Just my opinion/2 cents as for paid stuff in current TP shop since i think those aren’t really worth it on my server. I rather farm silver to buy costumes and sorts. I am however guilty of spending 300 -500 TP every time a cube is released just to try my luck.

Costumes cost really low here since many people spam the cubes. Pilot costume costs 4m here, airplane effect got as low as 65m at one point. However, any costume/effect is a long term investment in the long run as long as IMC doesn’t re-release it

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I’m guilty of spending every cube/package too. I can see how spending on costumes would be underwhelming if there are enough people buying and selling them for only a couple mill. I guess the packages are better. Unless you got really lucky and kept getting the eggs every time a cube was out.

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