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So, I made a mistake of buying TP for SEA Server

I accidentally bought a 300tp Bundle for SEA Server, and steam somehow refuses to refund me or just transfer it.

I was wondering if anybody would wanna make a deal for items / TP for South america (silute) based on this.

It’s not bait. Please contact me. It would be a shame and a waste to leave it there.

PS: IMC was of no help either on this issue

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That is because the purchase is based on the Steam store, which we cannot help or make refund for it.
Simply We don’t have authority upon steam store. The Steam could do the refund.

But we do could take away that one and give same one instead on region which have same price.


I would be very happy if you could do that!

Can you? @STAFF_Yuri

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I have the same trouble, I already have 500 TP in fedimian server for a months, I send ticket to Steam and IMC and nobody cant do anything, I dont have caracteres in that server, I will hope you can help me @STAFF_Yuri.

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Sure send me DM about it, and lets get that done,

As long as sending item to the same price region, we could do that.
Which means, NA <-> EU and SEA <> SA is possible but Not with NA <> SA or EU <> SEA.

I see, send me info about it via DM and lets see how its going to work.

The issue has been solved! Thank you @STAFF_Yuri !!!

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Hello, sorry to use this answer as communication, but would you like to delete the post I made on the forum? I expressed myself badly in that post and the misunderstanding is already being resolved, I believe that my post will not add anything to the forum.

Could you help me?
I’m in Na server but accidentally bought tp for Eu server.

Maybe you try the solution STAFF_Yuri recommended the other 2 people 9 months ago and send a DM instead of necroing a dead thread.

I just got on the forum to find a solution my apologies. I meant no harm I’m sorry if I did something wrong.
I saw no option to dm that’s what I tried to do at first. That’s that only reason I commented. I never used the forums until today.

It said not allowed

PM/DM GM’s wont work in forums… i dont think they reply to all that nowdays…
your best option is to open a Ticket via Support with your Steam Login .
they would see into the matter only via that method nowdays.