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So do SEA players get shit on again?

It should be the same deal with EU, now I’ll shut up and wait patiently for 3 weeks. also I hope the server is in Singapore :V

Thank you IMCGAMES bow

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im loving IMC for being so openly minded about this. praise! :smiley:

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Hopefully they keep OCE in mind for server placement.
Servers placed in SEA can be very hit or miss for us.
A well placed server will have amazing pings, but horrible ones will be as bad as trying to connect to EU servers.

“SEA players who have already started playing on Klaipeda or Orsha servers will be allowed a one-time Team transfer to the upcoming SEA server.”

What about SEA player who now playing on Fedimain[EU] ?.
no transfer?


Holy shi-t they actually gonna open (temp)SEA server !?

lucky that I didn’t claim my founder rewards

Good thing I refunded. Now I’m gonna buy all 3 founders pack.

So when we transfer to the SEA server, the one-time Team transfer we are using is actually the one we are entitled to for buying the Founder’s pack? Or is it an entirely free one-time Team transfer for SEA players and we still get to keep our one-time Team transfer from purchasing the Founder’s pack?

I think it’s the founder’s pack’s transfer…
not another extra one

why would you WAIT for 3 weeks? keep lvling your character on whatever high ping server you so despise… and when the time comes ( 3 weeks or whatever it is) you will join that server at your current lvl… You wont be behind. NOT AT ALL… so play with your 200 ping that you s despise…

Just wanted to clarify the SEA transfer issue as the one-time Team transfer entitlement from purchasing the Founder’s pack is actually very valuable for joining friends in other servers in the future.

The server is oready there ( but we just can’t connect now), so… yep…

>>About transfer thingy<<

hmmm…so SEA server count as additional world?
or u need to summon almighty @Staff_Julie to make sure bout it? 3_3

Do we have to actually wait for 3 weeks for the transfer? @staff_julie

How’s the ping guys? I wan to know the ping!!QAQ

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hi all just want to ask im currently playing in [EU] Fedimian server.

the question is when server transfer begin can i transfer my char from Fedimian server to [SEA]Telsiai server? because according to below post it stated only Server K and O will have server transfer but not for Fedimian server?

"Meanwhile, for the SEA players already playing on Klaipeda or Orsha, please remember that we will be providing one-time Team transfers to you once the Exclusive Access period is over, or even sooner if possible.

Thank you."

Yeah I want to know why they didnt announce transfers from EU to SEA. Its the exact same thing as going from NA>EU, You are going from the only available choice that is playable to your preferred server choice.

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Not sure if u read it or not… might answer some of ur questions

Thanks for the link nat!

Current EU and SEA players playing on Klaipeda / Orsha that wish to go to Fedimian / Telsiai will have a transfer before the F2P transition. They will also get to choose if they wish to go to another new server when F2P comes.

doesnt seem clear enough. seems like we have a transfer before the F2P transition AND after F2P we get to keep a choice of going to another new server?

@Staff_Julie Hope you can clarify! Thank you very much!