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Smite Art Request

Clerics dont have any magic attack skills. They only have smite.

It maybe nice to have an Art where you can make smite into a magical attack, or change the effect into magic?


Smite is newbie phase skill. Why do you want to use it on advance content like ART?

I miss magnus excorsimus

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Imc has not buffed the skill factors of base classes yet. Also considering how they added a 2H mace that increases Smite damage, I think we might see Smite be a decent skill someday… Until then, it’s not even worth using :frowning:

I actually have used it as a filler, and before i used it as a CC when i had it on paladin.

it be cool if they made an art that turned it into like a magic lightning bolt.

I think this is a good idea, especially with the base class skills being hopefully revamped soon to match the updated SFR changes for all other skills.