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Silver trading system + other kind of deals

I know I don’t play ToS anymore (only log in to put my Sage’s shop), but after moving to Nova RO, I realized ToS is missing real good features they could be using, but due to bots, its likely they won’t dare to bring them. Examples:

  • Silver Trading with players: Just like item trading, you can actually write the amount of silver you want to trade with others.

  • Outside services for in game items/silver: While I see its pretty common to draw for zeny (in game money) and items in RO, how come this is not a thing in ToS? Would understand people had to trade items behind IMC’s back, yet it’d be much better the admins would allow people to offer their art for items and silver.

  • An Official ToS server: Why the ■■■■ ToS doesn’t have an official server on Discord to be more approachable? All servers that offer support are done by fans for fans.

Its kind of ironic how ToS is a “successor” of RO, yet its way too limited. I think ToS would be better if the administration would be as approachable as RO’s, or shared some of the systems. But it seems that the longer it goes, the less care IMC has on its fan base.

Its the first time in my life I played RO and I can really see all the differences and things ToS is missing for it to get better or be as great as it used to be; as in management and game mechanics.

With IMCs paranoid treatment of new players to combat botting, i dont think silver trading would ever happen, same thing for item trading for stuff outside the game, cause thats kinda technically RMT, or at least the same thing in principle.


The bad thing is that no matter what kind or how many restrictions IMC puts, botters/hackers always find a way. And its awful that because of those few, all players have to be this affected.

As for the RMT thing, well, in RO they even welcome artists to trade their art for items/zeny. So, I’m surprised why this is a bad thing for ToS but not on RO. But yeah. Its their decision in the end.

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maybe because you are playing Old Games, many games is making whale to Pay to Win with Legal Gambling or other method for playing the games,
why they want give chance for 3th party for making money?

I always kind of wondered how an MMORPG would fare when the staff would be the opposite and openly say: “Anything we could do to combat bots would worsen the player experience, so we decided to just allow bots and instead focus on making the gameplay as fun as possible for the actual players.”

Like would there be even more outrage than in ToS or not.

well maybe because the novaro is a private server and generally the appeal of this type of server is to be receptive and friendly and can put your whole team in favor of that since they get the game ready even if they develop one or the other thing in game it is not the same thing that the IMC itself is the developer and publisher in all regions except in Korea and although i finds communication in itos has to improve I believe that the community itself is not madly active outside the game.
About bots i agree with imc’s efforts but i would like more gameplay styles and no longer a cm or dm copy with some small changes.

And I think your talk about exchanging art for zeny or items incredibly naive and let’s be realistic not everything is always as good and beautiful as that.