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Silver and Team Storage

It’s 2021. Why is a token still necessary to put silver into the team storage? You’ve already taken a good step by disconnecting dungeon entry from token. Why not silver storage?

I’ve also a stupid question… what if you put your next month token in your team storage and you don’t play the day your current token expires? IIRC tokens are put at the end of the list and you could have them stuck in the non retrievable part of the storage…

You can always retrieve items from team storage even if your token expires.
Also, i suffered a lot from the silver storage thing back when i was super poor and had to funnel silver from all of my characters to afford a token, it was really terrible to see 5m on 3 different chars and not be able to buy a token with it cause i couldn’t transfer the silver. Pretty stupid and pointless system.

Losing 30% of the silver in the process I suppose. Yeah pretty stupid system, silver should be pooled in storage whether you have token or not. Leave the extra space in the storage as token bonus, but remove the silver storage constraint.