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[Shinobi] The Real Tank of ToS

yeah was thinking for a more tank focus set. dps isn’t going to be my main focus really.

thanks for the infos tho.

If you want tank…you need roxona plate equipments…
and then you max level level the Plate Armor Mastery for additional health, Stamina, and Physical damage reduction.

besides these equipments are not only for DPS but this is really for Shinobi…
Since Shinobi is really squishy, he really needs them.
You can replace Karacha into Sage Wall if you want.

ty. I was actually thinking cloth for the mag though. I might have to test both and see if the benefits of either win out.

I may have to walk with two sets… good thing the con give more carry weight

you can do cloth if you’re battling against Magic User types…
Its not even a problem at all :slight_smile:


Would you know the maths for comparison of kunai between standard high str vs a 1:1:1?

Also is the damage formula the same for all skills across all classes?

You can use the TOSBase Stats Calculator to get an idea of the amount of stats you will have with each build, you can also then factor in equipment.

Then you calculate the damage with the formula:

Thanks. I’ll have to sit and try to spread sheet that formula, unless there is one already made.


Or anyone really.

does the ^ lightning attack on Roxonna gloves work the same as arde dagger?

Going for tank Shinobi when the class itself isn’t suited for tank is beyond me.

Shinobi are not the Top DPS within Sword, and thus are not the TOP DPS of ToS.

Shinobi has the highest burst damage of all Swordsman builds. It’s a niche class that specializes in burst. Shinobi as a class is kinda wasted by tanking IMHO.

Do clones copy Cross Guard and/or shield block?

No they do not.

The burst damage is gimmicky and can easily get you dead if you do not have proper setup.

Secondly I outlined in detail the reasoning behind tanking. Feel free to read the above posts.

Hello everyone, :airplane:
Well I know it sounds strange, but I think in TEST something like the thought of this guy!
yes, Shinobi Tank :mushroom:

I would like to remove some doubts

If my shinobi have LOW DEX to apply the damage to bushin’s?

DEX attribute is only for your life? the damage caused by Bushins are influenced by STR ok?

If I do a Shinobi STR = CON (lower middle dex) I will be a tank and causarei damage skills

the viability of this type of build enjoy Mokuton and Mijin skills depending on the cooldown

PS: My intention is to be tough enough to get next to my enemies with Mokuton and use Mijin worry ok?

I am testing …

it is very easy to get over 25k HP so opening with mijin in pvp or even pve would not be a problem, especially if you raise it as it decreases the hp cost.

Seriously Shinobi screams for a high Con build, I don’t know why so many are closed minded and refuse to even consider.

the game is new … everyone trying the right equation

I believe that the class swordsman does not win the Triple HP by CON in vain

Shinobi has Mijin, “GapClose” + invisibility, “BurstKunai”. this is PVP
after all ends in PVP, hahahaha :joy:

and else I wanted to make clear that the less the better resist bushin
after all just want it to go into a time that I release 2 Kunai and ended

I am currently with the standard build HIGH DEX, I did not like.

I wanted to know one opnion of you

Which dex minimum to survive?

currently coogitei a build STR 171 CON 226 DEX 70 (30k hp)

(Stipulating that my dex is regarding the best item more evasion of the game)

PS:Then I created my own topic,
I would like your strength there!

I did read it and like I said, it’s sub-optimal.

As a tank Shinobi you’re either tanking or dpsing, not both. There is no middle ground. Going Dragoon, Doppelsoeldner, or Fencer wouldn’t limit you from doing both.

It really doesn’t. Considering the CD and the cost, Mijin isn’t a good skill. And as for Dex, if you want to dps, in which case you would use your Bunshin, the clones health isn’t all that important.

Also, it’s proven going pure dex is sub-optimal. Pure STR at this point seems to be better dps-wise.

Kunai’s hitbox is weird and is much shorter than it shows. IE, not a very reliable “taunt.”

Any swordsman with Swash Buckling and Provoke is a good AoE tank.

This is the only thing that Shinobi has that the other swordsman class doesn’t have but it’s not that important either. If you’re using Katon and Mijin regularly as an AoE, you would have stealth untoggled anyway.

The whole class is based on that gimmick though. Like I said, it’s a niche class that specializes in burst damage. It has the potential to have the greatest single target burst for all swordsman builds. Trying to tank as Shinobi is an inefficient build that doesn’t really go well together IMHO. Going Dragoon, Doppelsoeldner, or Fencer would work better as a tanky dps. In the end, you would have to compare the build to other popular/good builds and it wouldn’t hold up well.

Having said that, of course you’re free to build however you like. I’m not stopping you from doing it. There’s nothing wrong with a sub-optimal build if you like playing it. If you want to build it that way, go ham on it! But just know that there is a reason why it’s unique.

Your entire post is invalidated by your own reasoning.

Go play Archer or Wiz or gtho by YOUR logic.

Sword is not the Optimal DPS, so git logic or don’t, I won’t force you either way, could not if I wanted to.

Also explain how any build with High con other than shinobi, needed for tanking, is going to DPS at all reasonably? yeah you can’t even Buffed Rodelero from Ktos isn’t dpsing burst or otherwise.

tl:dr passive aggressive whine bad logic fail.

Not sure how I was any of that? Are you projecting? Were any of my points wrong? If so feel free to point it out.

Shinobi single target burst is still comparable to other classes like archer and wizards. It requires more setup but it’s still competitive. There are other classes that are suited for tanking and/or dpsing. Shinobi is not one of them.

Like I said Dragoon, Doppelsoeldner, or Fencer would be much better as a tank and/or dps. Burst from going full Con Shinobi would be useless as sustained dps from the aforementioned classes would be better.

Like I said, play whatever you want. Just don’t think tank Shinobi will be better than other tanky dps builds, because it won’t be.

you seriously saying a high con DPS build is viable on those jobs???
Yeah waste of time talking to you then.

Edit: to point out again, High Con shinboi can BURST and Tank, not sustain DPS.

Also lol if you think any Sword can Optimal sustain DPS. Seriously go play Archer or Wiz and save your self the disappointment.

You already answered! @qoralswp
Any swordsman with swash is a good Tank
in fact any swordsman with Peltast C1 or C2 can be a tanker.

clear that the ideal is a C2 rondeleiro because of the magic block.

shinobi in this case is only the last rank, it’s just a way to use all kit that was already built before.

any more than 30k hp to block (or not) can be a PVE tank.

imagine TANK shinobi is not something to be builb main is just a form of few.

No, I’m not saying full con dps will be viable in any of them because frankly, going full con isn’t even needed. But going full con Shinobi would be worse than going any other build that would go full con.