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Share your builds!

ive always been interested in everyone’s builds, so share them here if you like! here are my characters.


the cleric3 will be miko, i currently have a cleric>krivis2>paladin 3 as my main but will be replaced with this


currenyl not leveling bcuz hes in grind wall

leveling that char right now, almost rank 4

currently pelt, idk skill points for barb+


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Not putting all of those points in Gae Bulg now,though.Not a fan of it.
Also put more points into Stabbing than this shows,and less in Long Stride.
Lastly,more into Impaler and less into Steed Charge.

My alt builds:

Haven’t actually started this though.

This is my Inquisitor-to-be build.PD is admittedly just for looks,so I have no earthly clue what to do with the skill points.

the main reason i have a monk is just so i can always know i have one. i never use him i just have him becasue i just like the feeling of having a monk, i maybe should delete him but i would feel guilty bcuz i live diev and monk, i just dont like the grind wall + i like paladin and PD more

PD points are fairly easy if you’re unsure.

Healing Factor level 5 is practically a must in most situations.
Bloodletting level 5 is fairly standard, for the duration increase.

Past this it’s basically pick and choose based on who you play with or what your goals are.

Pandemic is arguably the best PD ability if you play with a Wugushi at all.

Incinerate is great damage, however in your case I would say it does not synergize with Paladin and Inquisitor very well.

And you’re left with splitting points between Fumigate and/or Beak Mask, for situational use.

Not sure if this helped at all Melon but if you just want a good all-around PD build I’d probably recommend Pandemic4 Beak Mask1 after HF/BL.

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Also, all my builds are here: Xan's Class/Spec Guide

Sorry, I wouldn’t normally solicit my own posts elsewhere but since it’s relevant and I posted it in the guide section instead of all over the class section, it needs more love :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

is god bild.
best the imc can offer me with diversitary.
no can find bold bild lik this classas
i taek templer during the r8 wen time came
if the imc offer reset bild well be butter

sorry my english

Thank you! Saving this post so I can reference it when I get to PD :sparkles:


I made this one prior to the game’s launch w/o playing cbt, had zero clue that linkchrono would be a common thing. Also had zero clue that Pass would be as coveted as it was HAHA (i was fully aware that my build was going to be generally bad hence the name though, but I enjoyed it and I love her)

She will become pretty meta with C3 Chrono at R8 though rip

This be my alch’s build. I was originally going to go ele but I’ve always disliked ele’s skills so I went psychokino instead and named her Minoshiro. give me a damn high five if you know the reference.


for my character after tempturd. you can already feel the painfulness of playing it I love it

Or a miko (probably a miko) but i dont know ■■■■ about jack

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My loved fencer

Planned build that i’ll start when i get to fencer class lvl 15

PD is a filler tho, miko will take the spot probably

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Here, you are allowed to copy my best build :

my main is high3>barb1>doppel

i have interest in cleric2>priest or diev 3>oracle 3 - duno if priest or diev is better, i think priest with high SPR

also wizz3>linker3>runecaster>sage with high INT for some wizard awesomeness xD

This is my new main. I haven’t played in a week or so and it’s been sitting around 228 for a while now. Oracle 3 with a focus toward GVG then TBL

Looks like rainbow will be needing another color for this build. :joy:
Currently at Corsair Lv134

This is my build and currently at lv 261. People would ask why not PD?
The reason is counter spell with clairvoyance and resetting and prophecy is enough for PvE with more protection I’m having fun with it. feels more like support.
After rank 8 comes out, I thought this build will need to reroll but with miko appearance, I definitely will go to that class(that is if no class preq. otherwise I’m screwed lol!)

The other sword alt is this. Still on testing(currently lv 106)

And last alt is mage with glass cannon build Wiz3- ele3-?-?(undecided with rank 8 revealed)

Paladin is among the best synergies with PD…


  • Paladin’s Resist Elements providing 40% elemental dmg reduction coupled with PD’s Healing Factor makes you sturdier than ever.

  • Conviction provides +500 damage per Incineration tick before damage multipliers (that +500 damage can become +750 damage if you have lv 50 incineration enchance attribute for example).

  • Restoration gives a nice magic amplification bonus when used together with Animus, further boosting Incineration’s damage.

  • Conviction can be spreaded through Pandemic.

  • Barrier can be used to group monsters close together to facilitate the use of Incineration (due to it’s small AoE).

You don’t have the longer debuffs that Pardoner can provide but you can deal a lot more damage per tick, which sorta evens it out.


My support cleric, supposed to go Kabbalist c2 but from the looks of it, Inquisitor or Taoist seems to be a better choice in support. Yet to see how taoist interacts without Krivis though, so place Inquisitor as 1st choice.


Autoattack Support Wizard. Yay for enchanter. (Was supposed to go Chrono3/Thau3/Linker2 for ultimate YOLO support for R10 haha). Level 249 currently.

Siege cannoneer. Built for GVG… but guild doesn’t participate currently due to GM being busy IRL. Level 246

Typical Hop2Squire3. Supposedly built for food buffs for ET. Now level 181 should try to get to Squire3 at least

Newest alt to ‘roll new alt’ together with other members, aspire to be a hackapell since I don’t have a mount character. Level 177.


Stat: 5 dex :1 str


Stat : 4 Str: 1 dex : 2 con


Stat 5:dex 1 SPR

u also don’t have the amy of zombies defending u o.o

First char. I liked a lot and was planning to main it but i change my mind.

Second char. For farming.

Third char. For PvP and i was surprised by how good bokor is in pvp but in PvE had little dps.

Four and future main. I liked the gameplay of dievdirbys and bokor and plague so…

wow whats ur stats? my bokor is int and doing great in pve and pvp