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oh nvm, your bokor is zombieless, damball + mackangdal can outdmage some rank 8 skills

Currently rank 7.

Currently rank 6. Planned to have Krivis c3 at rank 10.
Currently rank 3.

nice builds guys :3 ( another bump in disguise, your builds are trash xD) (not really)

hey someone keep this thread bumped :3 :3 :3 :3

So I actually need advice you guys…

I’m currently close to Paladin 2 on this build:

Wanting to be more offensive and not so much support.

But I currently have a 2:1:1 STR:CON:DEX distribution on it and I’m not thrilled with my damage.I’ve been told by more than one person that I should consider using my stat reset and putting at least some of that STR into DEX.I know this is an old debate,and I have a Dragoon main with mostly STR that I’m thrilled with;but I figure Inquisitor might work a bit differently.

So should I perhaps reset and put some points into DEX? If so,how much? If not,what would you recommend?

get around 120 dex

paladin doesnt do much damage at c1 or c2. c2 is pretty bad though.

paladin c3 does good damage though, conviction makes smite hit three times, so i get around 13k dmg with that combo, thats pretty much all the damage you will get until PD lol. my paladin is going miko at rank 7.

conviction also doubles god smash dmg.

i have a level 190 paladin thet was cleric>krivis2>paladin3>miko>cleric2. my stats were int,
it was a terrible build, do not follow the battle paladin build on tosbase, thats what i did here D: .

i remade her and now im paladin c1, level 101 so im probably a little behind you atm.

yeah but you dmg will get better as you level smite and once you get cnviction and PD/Inquis.

lol inquisimelon

and i would sacrafiice a point or two(for attribute) from restoration to put in turn undead. restoration scales badly and the heal bonus is the same at level 1 as it is to level 15 (other than scaling, which is bad lol)
turn undead is strong, 1 shots a bunch of stuff, youd be suprised how many demon/mutants there are in this game, i knew there were a lot, but not this many, yeah you could leave restoration at level 3 and them max resist and pu 2 in turn undead level 15 resist is sexy.

as for me leveling my paladin, im not exited for c2 paldin Q_Q. conversion is bad (although im gonna put 1 poitn in it beause i have divine might lol) plus im gonna have to wait long for rank6 buz i usually take my time with grinidng (cuz i get bored and log off, then relog and rind for like 5 minutes, then get bored and log off, ect)

I would tell you to wait on rank 8.

The reason for that is because with that build, up only till rank 7, a INT focus will be considerably better because you have Heal, Cure, Zaibas and Incinerate to deal damage. With STR/DEX, you’ll only have Smite (and Conviction which is mostly used to buff Smite). But when rank 8 hits the table, you’ll have to reconsider into high DEX for Inquisitor’s new skills and their crits.

I had a build very similar to yours which was pure STR (but I picked Dievdirbys 1 instead of Krivis). The damage was pretty “meh” with just Carve Attack and Smite. These skills have a tiny AoE and it makes them really hard to have a big overall DPS (because they hit so few mobs). They also don’t have many hits (compared to Cure, Incinerate and Heal) so Conviction’s 500 damage bonus per hit helps a bit but isn’t that great. After a while, I decided to switch that build into INT and my overall DPS ramped up considerably.

Smite does not need any stat to deal most of it’s damage, but if anything, DEX helps a lot more than STR. You can pick Smite with a INT build and still deal almost as much damage as an STR build (sad but true). The opposite isn’t true, if you pick Cure or Heal with a STR build, it won’t deal much damage (thus INT build is more valuable in my opinion).

I’m not sure how Inquisitor performs with INT focused builds (probably not so well cause it needs some crit rate too), so if you are sure about picking Inqui, I would say something with a lot of DEX for critical rate or if you can afford high level green gems, then go for more STR.

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im scared that miko wont be released by time i get to rank 7, but i have more chars to level

Full Dex everyone. Because of bonus 1,5 DEX of monstrance and Insane Base damage of Inquisitor

You should drop monstrance to 1/5.
Higher level of monstrance => longer skill animation (you cannot move).
Level 1 monstrance already provides you the buff (+30% dex, then +10 flat dex).
Level 4 monstrance provides the same buff, but has a longer animation. You will be locked until you have summoned all monstrance circles.

Paladin does not have nice damage if you are used to your dragoon. Your stat build is ok, it will work. You are still able to shift into more dex if you want to crit (the inquis skills). I don’t recommend using stat pot. If you really want to min/max, use it once you are rank 8.

Most cleric physical classes use Strike type damage. Suffers penalty vs leather armour type (and ghost armour). Most enemies are leather armour.

Sustained damage won’t be impressive, even monk double punch sustained damage is more impressive. Paladin is support with average damage. Inquisitor will boost your AoE burst.

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My pvp offensive support wiz - R7, leveling only through dungeons

My spearmillo - R7, but currently disinterested

I think those are the only ones where I tried something a bit different, that are worth mentioning

Target: PVP 50k life-1k evasion. 4 kirmeleech, 4 velorchard card.
^ill probably make this one if IMC decided we can trade purple equip now.


My full support:

My Shield Doppelsoeldner is rank 6 now.

STR/CON is 1:1

Will be fine went you hit rank 6 with spin to win.

In lv100 mission if boss lv10+ just pop High Guard+Guardian with buying Aspersion and press C.
Of Course, with stack 2 boss.

Still need to test is that Deeds of Valor can stack attack speed of Cyclone spell.

(i’m waiting for dat 400 magic def shield .__.)

Main is cleric 2, dievdirbys 3, priest 1, plague doctor 1.

Build of gods :3