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Server : telsiai Many hacking robots(27 accounts)

  • Server : Telsiai

Hacking robot
Character 1 (Schwarzer Reiter) full screen instantaneous movement VS full screen AOE attack
Role 2 (Sqyure) for repair
They have the same class and the same attack method. In each map, they use character 1 for hunting and character 2 for maintenance.

In this bot section, a lot of players have reported hacking robots, and many players are very painful. They cannot complete the mission and cannot hunt. In all LV300-LV420 maps, all hacking robots are working.
I sincerely hope that the administrator can immediately sanction these hacking robots.
Unfortunately, in the entire Server: Telsiai, most of the guild members have reached a consensus that they will protest the current jobless behavior of the administrator, and the guild alliance will be sent to IMC by video and mail.

  • Team Name :
    Ochen===411-Central Parias Forest-ch1
    Delfina===411-Central Parias Forest-ch2
    Heros===415-Southern Parias Forest-ch1
    Hackett===408-Northern Parias Forest-ch1
    Imre===408-Northern Parias Forest-ch2
    Lachlan===408-Northern Parias Forest-ch3
    Zuzanny===335-Sausis room9-ch1
    Abhijit===335-Sausis room9-ch2
    Farman===338-Sausis room10-ch1
    Damek===341-Valandis room2-ch1
    Fabron===344-Valandis room3-ch1
    Falgun===348-Valandis room91-ch1
    Eranthe===322-Nobreer Forest-ch1
    Fawziya===322-Nobreer Forest-ch2
    Kamaria===348-Tekel Shelter-ch1
    Kefira===351-Izoliacjia Plateau-ch1
    Maha===354-Narvas Temple-ch1
    Galatea===323-Syla Forest-ch1
    Ebony===316-Emmet Forest-ch1
    Ethels===300-Kule Peak-ch1
    Saadiya===301-Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 5 -ch1
    Sahar===301-Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 5 -ch2
    Phaedra===394-Inner Wall District10-ch1
    Ophira===391-Piter Wall Dostroct11-ch1
    Magic===395-Maven 32 Waters-ch1
    Heather===331-Iotheo Coast-ch1
    Durriya===307-Arcus Forest-ch1

  • Location :

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : all day

  • Evidence!


Hello @treeofsavior_FBI,

Thank You for reporting. We will look into these players activity. We will take necessary actions once we have verified that these accounts are committing violations in the game.

Einstein is not needed here.
You only need to log in to the game and move to the map to see it.

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piggyback this topic a bit, since some of bots in this list already been posted at least once. in case somebody want to see more about them (and i might missed some)

Previous Topics of some bots from OP's list

Heros, Galatea: Bot report today
Hackett: BOT at Barynwell 27 Waters / SEA Telsiai jump bot / [Mega #1]
Imre: Maven 31 Waters bots, [SEA] Telsiai. June 7 Edition
Lachlan: BOT Report [SEA] Telsiai 25 (Hack+Bot+Jumper) / [Mega #1]
Zuzanny: Teleport+Hack bots Sausis Room 9 CH 1, Telsiai
Abhijit: Popping guy again / [Mega #1]
Farman: Another bot popping in and out
Damek: Barynwell 85 Waters bot, [SEA] Telsiai

Ochen, Fabron, Eranthe, Fawziya, Kamaria, Kefira, Maha, Saadiya, Sahar, Phaedra, Magic, Heather, Durriya : [Mega #1]

[Mega #1] refers to this topic: OP BOT Report [SEA] Telsiai 25 (Hack+Super AOE+Jumper). but sadly, this topic doesn’t provide any kinds of proof

More proof on Delfina: (check description for timestamps, Iforisa might already banned, please do not mind), recorded on June 7

More proof on Magic: check description for timestamps, recorded just now

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Hacking Bot only teleport no run no walk and teleport when detect other player on screen

Will sound rude but I agree. Investigation? Anyone who simply logs in to game and go to these maps can see what is happening.

They are so rampant because IMC too complacent

jumper bot still alive. damm

Already 9 days and all the bots still up and running.
Check with /memberinfo “bot name here”, if shows up meaning the bots are online.

The hacking robot is full of every corner of the game. However, the administrator seems to have no action at all. Has IMC decided to close this game? The cry of so many players seems to make no sense.

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lmao the GM’s have done nothing. I recognise some of the names up there Damek, Falgun, Zuzanny etc when i made my own report. They’re still active lol. GMs dont care.

Yup i checked them myself too, the bots reported here they are still free harvesting silvers in game.

I’ve seen these guys too. In addition to the sorcerer bots which have been there for 3 months even after reporting, theres these new SW hacking bots :frowning:

It’s been weeks and these bots are STILL active. One of these bots, (team name: Farman) has already moved up in a popular higher level map, Outerwall 14 and has become an annoyance to some players who farm challenge mode in that map. Most likely, they’ll eventually infest higher level (episode 12) maps as well. They have a camp AND a squire repair shop with gibbering or random shop name (e.g. sadfsdfsd) in the maps they infest so it’s not really that hard to check the account/team name.


bot still alive. good job IMC.

14days past and all bots still alive and everywhere! you just reply to every report “we’ll look into, we’ll investigate, will verify, bla bla bla” and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!

they’re not even bot anymore, they’re straight up cheating until now and you STILL DID NOTHING!!! REALLY?


just make a simple bot captcha like ragnarok private server did! can’t you?


These bots are getting out of hand. It’s hard to do quests now because these warp hack bots exist on ep10-11 maps to wipe all mobs then vanish into thin air.


they’ll most likely eventually go up to episode 12 maps. Some of the bots used to be in lower level maps but then migrated to episode 11 maps.

@GM_Francis and it has already been a WEEK or two (or even more) since we see the same bot AND macro users (check Outerwall 15 as well I sent you guys a report ticket) and NOTHING has been done so far. I suggest ditching the three-strike rule for macro users. Remember the previous Popomon event and some people were using macro to afk and have their Assisters kill mobs in Outerwall 15? I saw one GM one time but she didn’t ban the player even after he got TWO strikes. He already profited enough before he stopped and you warned him. The same for these bots. The more days of inaction, the more silvers they farm to sell for RMT. You don’t even need to “investigate” thoroughly considering you have A LOT of players sending report tickets and such. Just visit the said maps including episode 11 maps. It won’t take long until you see a teleporting bot appearing on the same fixed spots again and again. lol

No action since forever makes me think that IMC allows botting … I mean, so many reports not 1 banned lol … what is it?> 4 years in and the bots has upgraded … the next thing will be like Maple story … 1 map 1 char vacuum all mobs in one spot … and they still dont ban them in MS1 … im seeing a pattern here …

After a year ToS will be played by 30+ hardcore players but most of them time their bots are roaming the maps …

yah. i think so too
//20 characters

To metaphor this it’s like someone ■■■■■■ IMC’s girlfriend in front of him and he’s is like it’s okay I still get paid and I can always find a new girlfriend? Worst come to worst I’ll just close the game. Mobile game is more profitable anyway. Ikr?