[Serious defect, robot weapons data has been modified]

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There are many more id to use bug


Sorry, but what is the bug? Those weapons are supposed to have 800 durability .-.


Absolutely impossible


Topicstarters brain is impossibly defective, better play DOTA, it has people of same level.


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what @alyu_support said, those “Wake Up” weapons from the event initially have 800 durability. I bought the same package and the Wake Up weapon I got also has 800 Durability.


Wake up weapons are from the newest TP package in-game. As you can see from tos neet, they all have 800 durability and their power scales off the user’s base level.



Robots are trying to work


Bots are indeed a problem, yes. But your first claim is that they are modifying their weapons is wrong.


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