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Secret Valentine Exchange [SIGN UP]

Greetings, Saviors! Its that time of the year where everyone receive nice things made with love! Tree of Savior RE: is back with the Secret Valentine event, an exchange event where people write a Wishlist of what they’d like to get drawn and receive a random Wishlist from another person they’ll draw for. People will have one month to prepare a drawing for their recipient and submit it in February 14th, 2020. Everyone has the right to receive something nice in Valentine’s Day!

[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Love Letter by GasaraRules[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Love Letter by Gasara

cherry blossom by DiegoVainilla Open for all players of Tree of Savior!
cherry blossom by DiegoVainilla Drawings can be Traditional or Digital. If Traditional, make sure its scanned and legible.
cherry blossom by DiegoVainilla All art levels welcome!

[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Love Letter by GasaraGuidelines[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Love Letter by Gasara

.:pink little heart:. by Chipi-Chiu How do I join?
You must make a wishlist about what you want to get drawn (must be from Tree of Savior) in the #secret-valentine channel on Discord. Give more than one option so your Secret Valentine can have good ideas to draw for you! Join our Discord to send your Wishlist!

.:pink little heart:. by Chipi-Chiu How do I make a Wishlist?
Provide the Application of Mains and/or NPCs you want to get drawn, and what would you like them to do (i.e: “I want a drawing of Loren pole dancing and throwing paper hearts to everyone” [Reference picture/link]). You might as well wish for your favourite Tree of Savior character (Class Master, Goddess, Demon Lord, etc.).

.:pink little heart:. by Chipi-Chiu When and where do I post it?
February 14th in Events folder/channel. Must be in the right day to celebrate together! DO NOT TELL YOUR RECIPIENT YOU’RE THEIR SECRET VALENTINE NOR SHOW PREVIEWS . Its a surprise!

.:pink little heart:. by Chipi-Chiu What if I don’t finish in time?
If its past February 14th, contact the founder you need more time. You must not exceed from one week after the deadline. If you never bring the present, you’ll be banned from future ToS RE: events and group.

.:pink little heart:. by Chipi-Chiu What if its past the deadline and extension, and I didn’t receive anything?
A surrogate artist will compensate you for it.

Registering time will be from January 7th to January 12th. Join our Discord to write your Wishlist. On January 13th, Wishlists will be delivered.

[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Chocolate Box by Gasara Let’s make this Valentine’s day memorable for everyone! [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Chocolate Box by Gasara


Yes… yes… yes… YES


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Secret Valentine borde

SECRET VALENTINE IS BACK IN 2020. Scroll up to see last year entries and reach the top to read how to partcipate in this event!