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[SEA] Varena - Intasurta gloves

  1. Server : Varena

  2. Full Name of Item : Intasurta Gloves

  3. Current Price Range (Minimum / Maximum) : 12000 / 480000

  4. Reason for Suggesting Change : Highest is too low for a 240 dungeon item

  5. Screenshot of Item on Market (Evidence) :

10m - 15m? good luck man, cause rank 8 is coming out, ppl gunna sell 330 equipment for 20m and your 220? become obsolete lol

alrighty, lowered to 8-10m :stuck_out_tongue:

I highly doubt the gloves are going to sell for much. -12 con and -144 holy property resistance is a huge penalty that’s not worth the little INT nor SP recovery added…

The only people that are going to want these gloves are featherfoot. Even so, looking at the Meta in kTOS right now, almost nobody is playing featherfoot. You can hardly find any featherfoot videos online as compared to a crap ton of others available.

the offers I got were in the range of petamion for this server, I will feel the market later on, I just wanted this weird ceiling price raised by the mods (even a bit higher max limit for flexibility)