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[SEA-Telsiai] Hack used to Monopolize Field Boss? Needs Investigation

EDIT: Issue resolved, there was no collusio- … no hacking involved.

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : Claiss

  • Location : Verkti Square

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : around 10-10:25pm July 26, 2018 EDT

  • Evidence
    I went to Verkti Square to try my chance on spotting the Field Boss “Ellaganos” when I see a member from the guild “CresentBurger” camping the map.

^ I spotted Claiss standing at this area, when I passed him by while heading to “Meeting Hall Site.”

^ Then he suddenly appeared like a ghost behind me standing above the stairs at this area as if checking on me. He vanished as quickly as he came. I freaked out so I went back to where I first spotted him… and he never moved. :scream:

^ Crying because he got caught.

Please Investigate. Thank you for your kind consideration upon this matter.

I see, will keep on eye on the reported user.
However if possible, please take videos as well - I know its kind of sudden event though.
Sometimes the video is more effective to explain to the devs where to look at.


I met with Linh-Don and Linh-Dan who head the guild of CresentBurger and they kindly explained to me what happened. There was no hacking involved only the smart thinking of passionate boss hunters. Glad to find people who share the same interests as I do. Hope TOS can make boss hunting fun again.

Apologies to Claiss for the confusion of what happened. Hope you don’t scare future passerbys.