[SEA - Telsiai] ๐ŸŽ€ BitterSweet ๐ŸŽ€ - (Friendly guild - looking for new members)


Still have slots for homeless players :smiley:


No one applies?..


hey. just pmโ€™ed you ingame and added you via discord :relaxed:


Hi there, pls pm me via discord. I just accepted your friend request :smiley:


We still have slots for players. Feel free to contact me :wink:


do you guys have members that are on from approx. 6am-4pm gmt+8 ?


Hiโ€ฆ interested to join your guildโ€ฆ Any slot left?


Hi there. thank you for applying to our guild. Please contact me via discord for a small interview before joining :smiley:


Hi i m new to TOS, looking for a home, team name: Mo0gle
discord id, choco#3656, i cant seem to search ur id.


friend request is sent :smiley:


Hi Krystal. I finally came back into the game again. Do you mind if you send me an invite to our Discord server? Team name is Nishimura, Thanks!


Done, pls check your private message.:grin:


is the guild still active? xD


yarp this guild is active


hi there, BitterSweet is still active. However we are running out of slots. if you want to join, please reach rank 7 at least. thank you :smiley:


hi there, i am looking for a guild/home doing end game pve, so i would like to know if the guild is daily miki active? I donโ€™t like guild hopping and guild drama so i would better ask first before joining the family xD. I have dopp, tao, squire, inqui all 330 and currently doing 35f/40f.



Hi, our guild have some parties for daily ET. We also donโ€™t like the drama lol just wanna live in peace and have fun together. Please pm me via discord for a small interview before joining :wink:


hi, im interested in joining a guild,
newbie here. currently at lvl 215.
right now im looking for guidance n help in game,
its quite lonely playing alone.
appreciate it if u are willing to accept me as a member.

team name: ZA_Familia


hi i am a long time player, looking for a guild to call my home. im a long time player (lvl 330) i main a sorc 2 rider aspiring dps. im looking forward for WBs, ET runs and the like. looking forward to meeting new people. i usually play during afternoon to mid evening (5pm-8pm PH time). hoping to be accepted as one of your own. thank you.



Thank you for applying to our guild. Please contact me via discord for a small interview before joining. I am not online ingame until night so pls donโ€™t pm me ingame right now. :stuck_out_tongue: