[SEA - Telsiai] ๐ŸŽ€ BitterSweet ๐ŸŽ€ - (Friendly guild - looking for new members)


uhm not that low coz the 1st time player event i got many char

wiz>cryo>linker2>chrono3 cant decide on rank 8 naw still 261

sw>pelta3>hoplite3> want make murmi naw 259

cler>priest3>monk2 still on work 216

maybe all will hit 330 next week
on note that all my char equip is a crap


oh okay. Do you use discord? pls add me on discord and join guild discord. it is super fun haha. Else you can pm me ingame now. We are going to do guild boss soon so you can join.


Update 22th June: 6 slots left. Please feel free to pm me to join :smiley:


still have many slots for homeless players :stuck_out_tongue:


hi krystal, i would like to join your guild, iโ€™m still relatively new to the game, currently level 111 cleric for the third time now. iโ€™m active from ~12pm to 11am server time, i can be busy from tuesday to friday due to summer school but that doesnโ€™t mean i will be absent for guild activity such as raids, ET, guild daily.
I used to play as dps or tank on other mmo but now iโ€™m mainly supporting people

oh and i just sent you a friend request on discord


Hi there, thank you for applying to our guild. I will contact you on discord now for a small interview before inviting to the guild :smiley:


hi Krystal, my apology, i was having break fast and didnโ€™t see your reply, iโ€™m now ready for the interview
My team name is Sethfone


Around 8 slots left for everyone to join :blush:


Team name: Xelphis
Hours of playtime (GMT +8): everyday 9 or 10AM - 9 or 10PM
Character and level: 208 Doppel

Looking for a guild


Hi there,
Thank you for applying to our guild. Pls pm me ingame or via discord for a small interview


Hello saviors. Iโ€™m interested in joining your guild :smiley:
I was really looking forward into joining a friendly guild unfortunately didnโ€™t got the chance to.
Iโ€™m a log horizon anime fan so iโ€™m a bit intrigue how a guild works in this game, hoping i could be one of you. Iโ€™m active every night after my engineering class , and iโ€™m 4 days old on the game :D.

My team name is CLeann
dievdirbys lvl 185
elementalist lvl 114


Hi there,
Thank you for applying to our guild. May you pm me ingame or via discord for a small interview before joining?


Already added you on discord and pmed u ingame


what is your ingame name, pls?

edit: Done


Update 30th June: 8 slot left


Hi guys :smiley:
Team name :Aegeis Swordsman


hi there, may I know your level? please pm me ingame or via discord as soon as possible :smiley:


Hi there~! my IGN:iArtifex i have 6 chars total all saa able ~ ima pm you in discord in a bit~


hi there, I just accepted your fr request. pls feel free to pm me


update 9th July: 5 slots left