[SEA - Telsiai] πŸŽ€ BitterSweet πŸŽ€ - (Friendly guild - looking for new members)


Open to recruit again. Wish everyone who read this a great week!!!


Recruiting status: Open

Requirement: rank 8


Hi @Krystal. are you the one sitting near the stairways at Klaipedia? I think the elememe one. Am i right?


Hi there, our guild setup shops at stairs of klaipeda. I often play archer (SR or mergen). my elememe is always at saalus. Anyway, if you see anyone ingame with team name Krystal, that’s me :smiley:


up down up down up down


we still recruit people. Please feel free to join


Hello ^^

I’ve just recently returned to the game after a long while, and my existing guild is currently dead. So, I’m really looking forward to joining Bittersweet to meet new people. My details are as follows:

Team Name: Ainrinne
Character Class: Warlock Lvl 330, Chaplain Lvl 207



When will you be online? Please pm me directly via discord or ingame to get invited!


hi, im interested in joining a guild,
newbie here, mostly do pve.

team name: Like_Hell
Character class: plague doctor lvl330


Hi there,
THank you for applying to our guild. Could you please pm me via discord directly so we can know when you are online. :blush:


Heya! your guild looks fun! are you still recruiting?
I’m a casual player and looking for fwends to share my usual monologue while playing XD
I have Lv323 elememe-sage, lv 320ish FF3, lv317 alchemist3, and lv 310 chrono3-enchanter2. team name Fortemps


hi there,

Do you use discord? Please pm me via discord to get invited. Thank you and have a good day~ :blush:


Ey I sent you a friend request on discord. Cleric main, level 320.