[SEA - Telsiai] Aurum (moved)


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did it intentionally since there are some people who thinks that ‘donation’ is forcing someone to give something away (which I find it odd that there are still some people who believes in this and does this)

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IGN: Rainie Alysdat
Hours of playtime (make it GMT +8, T.I.A): 171 hours
Characters and their advancements: wiz c3 elem c3


alright, tomorrow after maintenance


can i join?
IGN: Balbunis
Class: Doppel
LVL: 207


idk if you’re still interested since I saw your application on the other guild

if you ever got into that guild, best of luck


Hi, I played before and stopped due to the lag. I am playing again and would like to have a guild for companions. I am still level 100 though.


Wish to join a pve guild

IGN: FishPrawnCrab
Class: Fencer
Level: 259


sorry mate, only 1 slot left reserved for someone we knew

gonna inform you if there’s any slots open


Wish to join a PVE Guild
IGN: JudicatorZ
Hours of playtime (make it GMT +8, T.I.A): 10pm -1am (GST+8), longer during offday
Characters and their advancements:AR2>Ranger 2 > Fletcher > to be Hackapell


sorry but not recruiting atm, gonna inform you when there’s a slot available


bump, 7 slots available





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bump, looking for any dedicated r8 clerics (2 slots left)