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SEA/OCE Server. Not a SEA Publisher

Hi IMC Games,

So, PlayOne is not going to be publisher for SEA? But I’m still worry about it :confused:

Many people from SEA / OCE want to have their own server for better ‘ping’ and better experience in the game. I do hope that IMC do not misunderstand. We NEED A SERVER for SEA player, NOT a SEA Publisher for SEA player. Most publishers of SEA have a bad reputation, for example Pay to Win system (cash shop).

You can read here:

Tree of Savior SEA/OCE Server Petition



I don’t think you can get a SEA server from IMC unless you’re a giant game company tycoon. For example, I believe there is a SEA server of DoTA 2 based in Singapore? But of course that is from Steam itself so IMC need at least to be that big to punch through the market and a lot of expenses to maintain the server, which is not cheap trust me. That along with several issues such as a contract to open up a server.

So basically, for a SEA server from IMC themselves, that is almost impossible but for a publisher, that can be done. Even so, a friend of mine playing from Malaysia only suffer little to no lag at all and his net package is only 2mbps. I believe he used the WTFast to reduce his ping down to 50 (only on good days or at midnight).

Tbh I’m playing from Malaysia without much lag during this iCBT.

I honestly think that IMC adding a server for SEA players like what they did with Latin-American server isn’t really a big issue and instead, it’s a well-placed investment. Especially with the help of Steam(Valve) where DOTA2 also had a seperate server for SEA players, it will be easy to implement a SEA server for iToS as well.

It’s either IMC is underestimating how much they can profit from SEA players or there is still an unannounced publisher for ToS SEA. I really hope a staff/GM enlighten us and not keep us in the dark ;/

@MadHatter I’m one of the WTFast Premium Subscriber. If WTFast server goes down, I will use BattlePing, Pingzapper and other product as backup.

@Mirarara TBH, I’m from Malaysia too. No severe lag after 2 weeks,especially most people quit playing and move to Saule.

Well, we don’t know what IMC plans, but it will not hurt to give suggestions or opinions, before it’s too late. If they can provide us a Server for SEA region, why not? If they can’t, i do hope they don’t ban our IP. :blush:

Because when comes to a game publish by SEA Publisher. I’m aware on these issues

  • The update contents, game management may ineffective if the publisher treat the game like a cashcow
  • The player population will be narrowed down, and it’s bad for the kind of MMO games which this genre need have some amount of proper crowed players

And I don’t mind playing TOS on Steam, in fact it’s great for me, while most of my games are tied in Steam system.

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Definitely IMC we need a SEA sever on STEAM CLIENT, not a SEA publisher. I’m allready tired of the pay to win system from all SEA publisher. And SEA player need an international client, not an area client. Plsssss don’t ruin the game to another publisher. =((((( Thank you. And i really enjoy the last CB with world wide ppl.

I think even if IMC is the publisher, the game will probably still be pay2win, just to a lesser extent.

The real reason why we don’t want SEA publisher is that they don’t give a fk to the state of the game, and just want to earn money in short time.

But that won’t solve the problem, because that server is still placed in NA, just like the Latin-American one.

People are asking for SEA server that’s placed in SEA location mostly because of the latency problem.

I specifically mentioned Dota2 because Valve has implemented a SEA server which is placed in SG. I’m not sure why my statement led you to that conclusion. My idea was for IMC to implement a SEA server based anywhere near SEA or specifically SG, nothing else. Not to mention, it goes w/o saying because it’s dumb to implement a SEA server which is still based on west.

Its impossible for wtfast to reduce ping to 50ms from MY to east coast. Don’t believe in wtfast statistics, they kinda messed up sometimes. I’m using wtfast premium too (with 35mbps fiber), the best i can get is ~200-250 (300-400 without wtfast). Its true wtfast helping alot but not everyone willing to pay monthly for it and 200-250 is okay for pve but in pvp we have big disadvantage to lower ping players.

IMC is using aws ec2 servers, they are not that expensive and have worldwide datacenters (including SG). The reasons to not have one most likely duo to publishers contract and management problems such as pr, different timezones,… .

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That will be hard for them to do when IMC retains cash shop control via contract supposedly.

please no to SEA publisher. just SEA server on steam. Majority of local SEA publishers sucks balls

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There is already a SEA publisher. Which means they already have a contract.

No, its not, its IndoTOS.

“Through PlayOneAsia channeling, users who reside in Singapore and
Malaysia will be able to connect to servers in Indonesia which will be
managed by our Indonesian partner and use payment methods that are
widely used in Singapore and Malaysia.”

And there are many other SEA countries and AUS/NZ, not just these 3.

Don’t really need SEA server, just West Coast of US would suffice because pings between SEA and West Coast of US are around 170-190, which is good enough. At the same time it’d be good for US players as well, since ping between East and West coasts might not be amazing.


Is it true that because EU people makes more noise that they get a server and SEA doesn’t?