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Scout and daggers builds NEED attention

hello, I have to leave my complaint regarding the scout class and its slopes that use dagger as the main weapon for PVE content, I see these classes very devalued and very weak in the current goal, the only viable builds for Scout are those with BM or SR of rest, all horrible, taking the example of Shinobi, was to be a class with unique and interesting mechanics, now is simply a standard class that does nothing, has no synergy with PVE classes, has no unique identity, just run cute and the costume is beautiful, I miss AoE for PVE overall, very low damage, and greatly devalued in current PTs.


C’mon, really? Not even viable?

All dagger classes are more than viable, even though assassin is a bursty and a more PVP-oriented class. Shinobi is also viable, but could use some improvements to damage on about half its skills. The other half are great. I think it still suffers from moving to 45 skill points from the Rebuild changes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not viable.

Viable was probably the wrong word. Should of used " lack synergy"


Dagger scouts are still like A tier of builds lmao.

Try playing a non-scout for once.

It’s funny, is very rare to find a Scout build on daggers user on top tier list, see for youselfs, how many BM and SR builds on top tier list, and how low is the others builds >

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Has to do with people favoring auto attack builds and those are pretty much the last holdouts.

BM and Assassin are very similar classes, both have a wide variety of good skills and utility that you can pick and choose what you like and specialize within each.

95% of PPL use SR for farming that’s why the build is in top 3.

Yeah top tier list is the most make characters as u understand Reiter and bullet marker r the more common farmer builds. That mean everyplayer in game have one. Thats why is on top tier when daggers r just to play. Im a dagger user playing pvp with assa-ardito-outlaw and disnt had anyproblem to handle any pve content. Also for pve there r better dagger clases like corsair u cam add suport to them actually very playable and good for cms. But yeah top tier list shows meta builds and farmer/shops. Because is the most created in game

Here’s the Bernice ranking in Klaipedia. While I think the rankings will be subject to things like popularity, I think they have a bit more dependence on things being objectively good or bad. After all, a good Bernice build needs some balance between being a good mobbing build and a good bossing build. And before you get started, I understand that Bernice isn’t representative of all content in the game, but I wanted to bring it in as another piece of the argument besides the official site’s build rankings.

Of the top 11 rankings in Klaipedia, I would say that nine of them are pistol-focused builds (7 are hybrid, and two are actually all pistol). Only two are true dagger builds; the rank 5 and 8 use exclusively daggers. I say ‘pistol-focused’ because many of these builds include assassin, which I think typically serves as a complement rather than the star of the builds. Assassin gives many crit buffs for bullet marker to take advantage of while bullet marker provides the consistent AoE and single-target damage.

I think the problem with dagger scouts is that it feels like they have to work a lot harder to achieve almost-as-much as their pistol counterparts.