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Scout 3 Question

Maybe @Veritas can answer why.

The archer from that VID lvl 285 and have steady AIM lvl 15. that why dmg pretty high.

Archer > Ranger C1 > Archer C2 > Scout C3 > Ranger C3(Rank 8)

That Scout in that video literally has level 100 Split Arrow: Enhance. If I recall correctly his bow (Superior Wreech Bow) isn’t high enhancement (higher than 10, less than 15) but high transcend (like T4, T5).

Light Gorithos will also deal more damage than Khasti Bow, since critical damage isn’t multiplied by Split Arrow’s 200% modifier, it’s more important to have high base physical damage on weapons.

Edit: Please try not to compare yourselves to KR Scout players. The speed that you can shoot Split Arrow is relative to your ping. If you have higher ping, you won’t be able to spam nearly as fast. Obviously there’s often an attribute and gear differential as well, which is noticeable, but your ping as well as your routing (using a Warpstone after killing Merge, cutting down left side from Coliflower Mage section, focusing primary Split Arrow on trash around the boss allowing the split to hit the boss + ignoring the boss) will make a difference of a couple minutes.


Interesting. +5 Light Gorithos would have a 65 - 95 extra damage than a +5 Khasti bow. With crit (1.5x) that would e 97.5 - 142.5 damage (or 120 extra damage on average) that would be slightly lower than the 144 extra crit damage on the Khasti bow.

I would think the 200% on bounced target from split arrow is 200% of the final damage since it does seem like that in practice. (So there’s no additional multiplier involved)

But I may be wrong, I may make a light gorithos for testing but probably will just wait for 290 stuff lol.

There’s nothing wrong comparing with Korean players to me. The RMT / afk farm / bot players in iTOS already have lv100 attributes as well (also +20 stuff lol).

I’m not one of them just to be clear.

So the 200% on bounced target from split arrow is not on the final damage? What does the formula look like for split arrow and if there’s a good source to look at it?

Because at the end of the day, even with full attributes and high enhancement/transcended weapons, ping will still be a separation of speed between iTOS and kTOS players. Not noticeable in a single cast, but over hundreds of Split Arrow casts per run, it creates a difference in time. Their gear and leg up on transcendence is another separation at this time, but as you mentioned that is attainable by players in our version through whatever means.

Split Arrow’s bonus damage is one of the very, very, very few base modifiers in the game. You can read more into the damage formula here.

There may be some discrepancies/inaccuracies but it is pretty dependable for most estimations.

Yes although I’m more focused on the damage not the time cleared lol.

So the 200% bounced bonus is a “base modifier” meaning the base damage is “doubled”. Then +5 light gorithos would on average have a 80 x 2 = 160 damage over +5 khasti bow. Then with crit it would be 160 x 1.5 = 240 additional damage compared to the 144 from khasti (96 damage difference or 192 damage with 100% attributes).

It’s a nice bonus but doesn’t seem big enough for me to make a new bow I think.

Correct, it won’t be much at +5 and no transcendence. You’ll notice a bigger difference with higher reinforcement, transcendence, and Squire reinforcements in tow.

In a lower budget loadout the difference between Khasti Bow and Light Gorithos is mostly negligible.

A Superior Wreech Bow with +13 anvil enhancement (very, very reasonable) and T5 transcendence would reach an upper limit of 1’753 weapon damage before Squire sharpening. Factor that in with maxed attributes and you start to see where some of the higher damage values come into play.

Yeah, T5 transcendence is really hard to achieve actually.

Ok then it seems most of the diff is coming from the weapon damage and 100% attributes. Not too bad, I’ll invest heavier on new end game weapons since my archer is still in the making, no point to waste too much silver on 170 / 220 stuff :smiley:

If going high DEX, what is better, Gladiators or Sissels? For farming…

:open_mouth: what are the stats of this guy

str = sissel
glad = dex
its always like that if you want to maximize damage

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I saw his stat post on kr forums once, cannot find it anymore.
He does have 100% enhance on split arrow though.

judging by the crits and being in ktos he is probably dex, all ktos archers are dex.

They are all hybrids, yes. Most have 0 CON.
I have seen 1:2.5 str dex, 1.5 STR : 1 dex, and 1:1 strdex, and 1:2 str dex. I don’t think there is a wrong statbuild (except going full int/spr archer of course).

I recommend sufficient crit. There must be a reason to go physical classes vs magical (cannot be dodged, cannot be blocked), right? One reason is crit. If I would like non-yellow spike damage, I would go INT magic classes.

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what im doing is 50 con rest dex with ellaganos cards, according to my calculations i’ll have around 600-700 crit without any gear on at lvl 330 just from dex ellaganos and swift step

wish every non wugushi/doppel phyiscal class knew that…


@greyhiem Have any1 tried Perspective distortion potential on party ?? really curious about this skill.

@Suchi Hi, I’m using KhastiBow+7 (3 lv5 Green), Max Peta, 2 Glass Bracelet, and my stats is 3 STR : 1 DEX with lv70 split arrow att.
I’ve done it 23~25mins per run, so i don’t think it’s your equipment / stats make you do it slower… i think it’s your route, i’m also having hard time which route to take / clear first on DG 145.

Well, maybe my ping is the one hurting me, coz im from argentina and the server is in the us.

Apart from that, ive just invested in more attribute (lv70) so hoping to reach a faster run. I opted for that instead of buying gladiator band or a sissel. Those are next, same as the max peta. Im high dex, compared to you.

I use warpstone after killing Merge as well. Maybe i just do it slow and thats my speed.

Any thoughts on RANK 7?
Im having trouble to decide between SR, Falconer and Canoneer.
SR will help me clear the dg faster (though i would need more equipment), Falconer for circling and canonneer for aoe burst.

EDIT: with 20% more damage, i cut my runs in 20% as well. Now I finish them in 27 min. (before 30-4)

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I’m going rouge mergen, for now. Still on rank 6 but I’m also considering falconer.

I went SR, not sure if it was the best decision. So far mobility is a plus, and Im saving for a mana mana so I can actually use RS like veritas showed in his video.