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Schwarzer Reiter vs Boss


I am currently playing with a Schwarzer Reiter and I love the rotation of Retreat Shot and Marching Fire, however when it comes to confronting bosses it weakens a bit since it is more effective to attack with basic attacks than with skills.

This is my current construction (I’m going on level 38 of Enchanter)

I was thinking about removing the Evasive Action and Caracole points to transfer them to Concentrated Fire and thus have faster skills to attack bosses.

Does this change make sense or does it only make my build worse?


Caracole 5 for the recoil reduce so you dont fly a screen away when trying to debuff boss.
Evasive Action is really personal preference, if you are going to stack eva, then go for it, else just dont bother really.

I do really feel Concentrated Fire is very lack lusting. Few shots of limacon + retreat is already stronger than it. If you need some single target damage, i recommend you look into BM’s FMJ, as it ignores armor. Remember to only use these skills when retreat shot is down.


Usually if you get a good wall to use Retreat Shot+Limacon the damage is pretty solid, the other problem i see is that other skills from Scout tree usually can’t compete with that sustain anyways.


The truth is that Retreat Shot is quite disappointing against bosses, because against a single target the AA is much better, also forces you to look for a specific position vs. a boss who stays in motion and performs attacks that force you to leave your corner.


I tried the damage of Concentrated Fire, Retreat Shot, Marching Fire and finally none is good against boss XD so I will discard Concentrated Fire and use those points to maximize Caracole that at least has a utility.


Put points in Marching for the AOE. It’s a good alternative when retreat is down during cm.

About Retreat Shot in bossing, if you are able to maneuver well, go around the boss target circle, it will hit as well. Else, just have a falcon friend to have Aiming. You will still have to go around the boss, but at least its not sticking to the boss.


You can use Limacon during Retreat Shot…it’s a very old SR strat. It’s not that hard to keep a boss in one place as well.

Even if you can’t hug any walls it’s still more damage than not using it.


I have tried the mentioned strategies and it can be affirmed that when it comes to a single objective the damage is Marching Fire> Basic attacks> Retreat Shot

When I attack I always have Limacon active,
Double Attack, Enchant Lightning, Lightning Hands and Over-Reinforce


If you are looking for a more solid single target damage, I’d say go for BM instead of Outlaw. Smash Bullet and Tracer Bullet with attribute (Precision Shot) are very good… Tase, Freezing bullet and Full Metal Jacket are solid for keeping bosses and dealing some good damage.

The rotation would be: Enchanter/Scout/SR Buffs > Freeze Bullet > Tracer Bullet > Tase > Full Metal Jacket > Bullet Smash for bosses and elites.

I used this build and deal a lot of damage for single targets:

I’ve left 15 points in BM because some people don’t like FMJ much and don’t invest to many points in Taser either. I did not like Napalm Bullet without Linker either. You may get annoyed by rebuffing every 30 seconds for Silver Bullet too so may want to drop more points into it.

Just be careful when using Silver Bullets against Holy Properties enemies.


You’re suppose to use both Limacon and Retreat Shot at the same time. If you can’t find a wall, just circle around the boss.


so you can auto attack while retreatshoting?


Yes, you can test it by retreat shot in one direction and targeting something in front of your character, you’ll see targets at both sides get hit.

Marching fire sadly can’t do this,that’s the main reason it’s way inferior to RS(but you don’t have to move to shoot during it,that’s the main advantage of it).


that seems horror for mouse mode lol


You cannot retreat shot against a wall with mouse mode, but you can use keyboard for RS although generally playing with mouse. At least I do this, generally moving with mouse, but in certain situations (retreat shotting or Feud) I switch to keyboard in a fly (without going into settings, just using keys then).

p.s.: lately other players seem to see me wildly moving around, when I RS against a wall. Someone else?


Evasive Action is not working at the moment, I think. I don’t know when IMC will fix it but it seems they are not aware of the issue yet. For now it would be best to avoid it.


Evasive Action is working well. It add flat 20% evasion rate at max level beside your normal evasion rate. So that means you have two chances to evade a hit, similar how Blindside is working.


Oh, I see. I thought it was supposed to increase the evasion value directly. Is there anywhere this extra evasion rate is shown in character information or is it just hidden?


i am not sure if 10 points are worth a 1/5 dodge chance


I miss Caracole spread attribute.


Any idea if this can pass the 50/60% evasion cap or not?

Or do you mean to say that it is a roll separate from ‘Evasion’,
Mob hits me, and I have X evasion (40% chance)
I fail the evasion roll.
Now the ‘Evasion’ skill rolls for another chance to dodge (20% chance at max lvl)

Or is it simply modifying your ‘Evasion Chance (%)’ directly after evasion (Monster Accuracy vs Player Evasion) is calculated?