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Schwarzer Reiter vs Boss


Exactly. And yes it can exceed the evasion cap.


In that case it’s absolutely amazing almost a must-take skill for evasion build. Now I’m really considering SR and outlaw together more.


Has it always been like that or was it a patch?


always has been like that.


different question but:

Why can’t SR sprint/dash while mounted? Coming from cata/lancer/ its really awkward that SR cannot sprint.

Is this a confirmed bug or intented? Just feels strange.


it was written on the rebuild page that only swordmen could dash while mounted


that is strange… but its IMC design so not a suprise


Did you notice that Evasive Action is not adding Evasion stats?


which cards to use btw?


Blue: none because Zauras are very expensive XD
Green: Ellaganos
Red and Purple: Velnia Monkey combo with Biteregina


so 5x monkey cards and 5x biteregina cards?

monkey cards are like never on the market


You can only equip 3 of each color right now. And one Legendary card slot that requires you to complete the main quests to open it, but don’t focus on the Legend card, you should leave that for later since these are somewhat expensive and fairly difficult to level up.