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Scheduled Maintenance for September 19, 2017

Maybe next week :rofl:

Reusing events as they were before is already borderline but when you read this:

“- The Companion buff doesn’t stack with the Clover buff.”

It looks like my student copying Wikipedia without verifying the information…

Having no event is fine too.

It’s funny that they didn’t deleted the event Ballons last week, like it was announced, and now they make the same announcement in the patch notes.
Who bet that they will forget again to remove the balloons?

@Edit: I am really hoping that next week or at least in the 3th october maintenance we get the new contents that was been delayed for months, it would be better if we get the “merge patches from ktos” thing again.
I’ve been playing since day 1 and have never been so discouraged in continuing to play ToS.

So many jerks on this threads been overly mean and stupid just for the sake of sticking needles on something…

The patch note wasn’t what we wanted boo fucking hoo :unamused:

get over it and move on…

leave or wait for the next…

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It sucks yes but people whining about it is not going to change anything when they are ready they will give it to us.TOS has faced so many downfalls on player base, so more people leaving won’t change TOS because they will always have the real players and some new players (not a lot).And I know they are losing more players than they are getting new ones but yet the game is still going so…yea.

I don’t like that were not updated with Ktos and that the game is boring but I am not going to rage and whine about it.Maybe you people complaining and QQing makes you feel better during the day…who knows.

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didn’t u see what Dr RM said? boo hoo just leave, we got too many players any way!

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Sure, Goodluck on your

2k players divided between 6 servers. :wink:
Ohh, i forgot. We got those bots too so basically not 2k anymore. :joy:


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maybe next week, or maybe a week after that, or maybe a couple weeks after that, :satisfaction: :satisfaction: :satisfaction:

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First you divide my name and then my post…

What the fuck is wrong with you D:

no so much of a joke aside…

if you cant take the sand heat, leave the beach and return when is cold >.>

or you know, keep bitching about it cause your tears will cool down the sand eventually am sure :unamused:

Ok, now that I’m over disappointment over no significant updates.

I do realize that IMC wants to deliver updates in one big bulk - to make an overhaul.
Ok, I can accept it. But at least don’t recycle old and bad events, like really. It’s not that difficul to come up with a good filler event. Or at least recycle events that got nice feedback and were welcomed by the community.
I can wait for real updates for a veeeeeery long time (hello years of no major updates in RO), but at least make an attempt to hold people with useful events. C’mon, IMC, I know you can.

Make happy hours for each server (it’s not THAT HARD TO CODE) - 2x exp/droprate. Around the evening, but not too late, to cover the broadest spectre of players. At least you will have online splikes at these hours. Better than nothing, right?

Isn’t the gold fish the same as happy hour thingy?_?

I do like the fish thing a lot and it feels me with joy when I get one or someone else gets one…

Literally me every week.
Checking the news to see if the patch note has been posted yet.
But it’s a useless one.
Every week I die a bit inside. By now, this is truly my TOS life theme.
But 12h later, I’m back to “Next week maybe !”. I think my masochism is just too intense…
It reminds me of that guy on TV, saying how when he was 14 he overheard his crush at school telling her friends “I’ll bring the chocolates to his house !” during Valentine’s Day, and until the end he waited “It’s not midnight yet ! She’ll come !!”. He joked about it, but I’m sure a part of him died that night.
Brb, gonna cry while eating waffles.

(wondering if sending this on a loop to the devs could help)

gold fish lasts for 10minutes or so -_-

right, then I shall suggest for it to be longer, or maybe give the ability for more than one goldy to be fished and time stack :smiley:

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One hour, stackable-refreshable 5x times like cookies. And activated not on being caught, but after using it. It will allow players to cooperate and activate 250% exp buff on the whole server. Perfect for guilds and the whole server will benefit from it too.

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> @2019updatesSoon

dear IMC
i’m thankful the level difference has been adjusted

but still the “mission that gives you the highest EXP gains of any other event mission ever!” gave me a mere 5% of experience (thanks to the 20% more exp of sidekick booster), 1% more than pre-patch

Not that fast when you want level up


ThANk y0u As ALwAyS foR yOUr c0nTInuED sUPp0rT, eNTHuSiaSM AnD l0Ve F0r TrEe oF SAVIoR.


This is so fuckng old