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Scheduled Maintenance for October 29, 2019

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for October 29, 2019’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

You forgot to mention the cleric skill changes, or will they be left out?

broken patch notes,
also overheat changed to 1
itos not even received that 2 oh snipe buff
i believe not even everything stated in the patch notes, some are just not getting put in there, so dont believe everything thats in there, just test it out yourself (prolly they will ninja edit the patch like usual if something missing, very unhealthy way to do, at least gives notification when you did the edit)

nice half hearted work right there, not even surprised

7 boss spawn same map uwu

Several Skills out from the respective classes. Like, has Pyromancer really merged with Psychokino or what?
Not a single Art. Just ‘wtf?’.
And no changes to Clerics besides the status rebalance? Really?
Not to say about many of the changes were recent ones even on kTOS (like Fireball’s rework), but some not in, like Summoning classes’ reworks. And with the same @#$%ing description as in the kTOS patch.

Wrong Skill Icon used for Shield Charge


had a mini shock right there

Question, how are we supposed to finish “The One Who Experienced Death” quest after those changes? This quest requires to us kill Chapparition Field boss.

So another 2 months with 0 cleric SFR changes?

they should make the field bosses a instance portal like the CM that spawns every 4 or so hours and make it so if yah beat the boss you can challenge the next stage and the boss gets harder and harder each stage up to 7

i’m thinking they just forgot to add cleric to the list
but, once again, @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy
can you try to give us a little word ??? maybe just “oops we forgot” or “nope, cleric” ??

Is there a guild housing guide?
The patch note says to look in guides page, but I haven’t found anything about housing.

Cleric changes are included. The patch notes are just missing them. They will be added to the patch notes as soon as possible.

It’s not a “ninja edit” when they fix patch notes, and they always change the patch notes to say [UPDATED] when they do. There are a lot of changes and mistakes happen.


How does Demon Lord spawning works in this upcoming patch though ?
Is it randomly spawn 1 of them every 4 hrs or each boss has its own 4 hrs interval ?
The latter is unlikely but imo worth asking anyway :heeey:

1 of the 7, 4 hours after the last one who died.

it still considered as ninja edit as forum user/player not given any notification/ping
not everytime user will check the exact page, especially without notification
i dont think its hard either for them to send ping to forum user

They removed 12 out of 13 FBs, this means Glackuman will stay? :distinguished:

“Monsters will be hostile against the player regardless of the distance between the player and the monster.”

This means they will come and not stay hostile in a corner right? Because sometimes they get generated “frozen” and you have to chase them and lose a lot of time. Of course if they are now displayed on the map, it’ll be easier to catch them.

“The Archer class will now be able to dash during battle but dash movement speed is reduced to 10 from 13”

ALLELUIA!!! You don’t know how PAINFUL this absurd restriction was for archer…

“Zircon items can now be obtained from Hunting Grounds of Lv. 270 and above”

Thanks, my reserve of these was down to a single digit :slight_smile:

“Earth Deadborn Scap in Royal Mausoleum Storage will now drop Regina Crossbow”

That’s nice, but you still will need countless hours to get all those red/blue orbs… Please consider reworking those collections and remove the gems/orbs from them, it’s ridiculous.

“Bonfire effect will now recover 10% of player’s max. HP and SP every 5 seconds”


“A new BGM Player will be added to the game that can be used to listen to your favorite TOS music”


" Crush"

This removes shield buffs AND THEN applies damage right? Prepare to see an army of Lancers in PvP. Goodbye Genbu armor… :haha:


Genbu Armor

[SP consumption ratio] = [11 - skill level] x 10% x [Level of Genbu Armor: Flowing River] x 1%
[SP consumption ratio] in PvP area = [11 - skill level] x 5% x [Level of Genbu Armor: Flowing River] x 1%

I don’t get it… you should consume more in PvP no? Or was it lower than 5% before? And that formula makes no sense (you consume more with Flowing River which is supposed to reduce that?)…

RIP taoist… :skull_and_crossbones:

About skill changes: many SFRs have been changed so that max level skills do WAY more damage than low level skills, so this means we’ll have to invest more in a lower number of skills – seems like a good idea. But this also means having to respec most of our chars… I feel the pain for those of you who have 30+ chars.

“Resolved the issue where channels would at times be split while participating in Saalus Convent missions”

TYVM this was a plague. However this also happened in Uphill and was even preventing people from entering guild missions or Battle at Sulivinas Lair. I hope the problem is fixed everywhere.

“Plate Mastery attribute effect will now be affective against ranged physical attacks as intended”

Ow this wasn’t the case? Good to know it’s now fixed.

Overall a really strong patch. I just regret having all these time consuming event at once, while we need to respec our chars, try the new casual content, go fight Misrus and Moringponia, retry Legend Skia with SFR patch, and help our guild make a lovely hangout!

Guys is just me or mercenary post mission are not given attribute points as intended?

  • Players will now be able to earn Attribute Points when completing the following contents.

There are multiple kinds of Mercenary Post Mission, it is probably referring to missions like Siauliai, but it could be the Daily Missions or Party Missions as well.

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Well I did Catacombs Mission. I’ll try Donnes tasks, thanks anyway mate

Zaura just appeared in Emmet forest and not in Inner wall 8
i don’t know why i tagged you since you’re incapable of answering but … heh, at this point

so where is the up ? wrong info on patchnote or bug in game ?