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Scheduled Maintenance for November 8-9, 2021

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for November 8-9, 2021’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

Monk patch didn’t make it … ?


Say hello to three months more of suffering while IMC screws Monk back into non-existence in KToS and render the class doomed by the time the patch reaches IToS.

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Ergh, when I finally bought a class reset for 12m each … here’s comes a freebie Reset hahaha … nice timing IMC …

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Big patch this week!

Alas :frowning:
Well at least you have Luchador! Punching, kicking, slamming, souplexing… Sounds like the swordie’s version of the Clown class :wink:

Master’s request is added

Never understood why you got these for characters that don’t have the class in their build… do you get anything else apart from a title?

Mount System is added

I don’t really see the usefulness of this, except having a cool mount or extra speed if you’re already using a mounted class. I guess future (even cooler) mounts will be available via TP…

Reward for Episode 12-2 and 13-1 is added

Finally. This completes the full 460 set for your first character if you’re a new player. For others, this completes the full 460 set for an alt (a healer for example if you started as a DPS). Still remains the huge gap between Kedoran equipment and Vasilisa equipment if you want to play more alts. It’s still a joke to reach 450, but after that the exp requirement is so high it takes forever to reach 460 and benefit from Goddess equips. I guess IMC addressed this somewhat with the new 32x exp tomes, but getting the intermediate tomes to craft the recipes either take forever to get, or require TP.

Bounty Hunt Superior Written Order is added

I don’t see where it says how the orders will drop, so I assume it’s now x% chance to drop a regular order from Ashaq mobs and y% to drop a superior order, with x+y=100% and x >> y…

Heroic Tale - New area and other changes

Having some variety here is fun. Reward expansion means getting more Gabija coins. I don’t see why the content should have been made easier, it was fine like that… but sure. The only annoyance is still not having enough time to look at all those fancy buffs before the next stage starts…

New boss is added to the Weekly Boss Raid and the reward is changed

More useful rewards (enhance aids, raid portal stones, abrasives) are always nice. The only problem is those Shining Demon Lord Cube Boxes still giving outdated items (ominous garbage + old accessory recipes), they should give crafted accessories now.

Consume 5 skill gems regardless of type to receive 1 skill gem from all skill gems by chance. You can obtain 1 skill gem or skill gem fragment by chance

I call that losing 4 skill gems each time you don’t get a fragment. Also this requires 50 gems to get one you want IF you get a fragment EACH time. This is absurd… at least give a fragment each time.

Res Sacrae Raid is adjusted

Solo mode that gives same rewards as before, double rewards from automatch. Sounds good to me…

Reputation quest reward will increase
Clear reward of Saint’s Sacellum: Solo is changed

Also good…

Hethran Badge quest will be removed

Haha this still existed? I remember how ridiculously tedious this was for a reward that was some crap accessories with penalties to stats…

For TOS Support Guild members, Auto Match function with party members in Saint’s Sacellum is added

I’m not sure about this… It’s already hard enough to get 5 people in automatch, now all TOS Support Guild members will match between themselves and leave even less people for regular AM…

Guild Territory War is adjusted

Big change here. King of the Hill seize system, 15 members limit per area (should fix lag and open more diverse strategies), no more taxes (goodbye “Taxation is theft” message :wink:), same reward for each map. This should open GTW to more guilds.

Arts obtaining method will be adjusted

Good. It was a nightmare to use that crappy interface at class masters.


Mostly PvP and goddess related changes.

Light Weight Helmet will be registered as hair accessory and can be purchased at [Class Costume Shop] (24,400 point)


Chaplain: Additional Damage
Attack is applied based on not the basic Attack but on final Attack.

That is a buff, not a nerf right?

Fixed the issue that Thaumaturge’s Shrink Body is applied to the boss monster in Unknown Sanctuary 2F

Wat? :haha:


11 silver chest for each legend raid stone recipe? what? Can anyone confirm if this is correct or if it’s just a total of 11?

each chest is 100k silver, so 1.1m each legend recipe

I think this is just bad translation, from the video I’ve seem in KToS it’s one fragment each time

Ah thanks for clarification. Sounds more logical that way (since it’s the case for black gems already).

When picking Wizard->Shadowmancer from the Skill Gem Selection Boxes…
Every other class works fine… except Shadowmancer…

Huh? I thought 5 gems → 1 gem, no whammies.
What is all this fragment talk?

5 gem → 1 random gem + gem frag → 10 frag = 1 gem select box

Okay, okay… this is acceptable.

I haven’t had a chance to check out the new Episode rewards yet… I saw that the Goddess equip was +7 Enhancement. Can this be further upgraded or does it have all the restrictions that the free gear usually comes with?