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Scheduled Maintenance for May 9-10, 2022

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for May 9-10, 2022’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

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I wish you guys just sell ectonite in Item NPC and can be used on all raids the same as Giltine hard where consumes slowly … O,O also in HG …

Why no free skill gem extraction?
And no arts reset?
All wiz mains are changing to either kera or cryo

We get some resets but limited from the sprout event

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After this update, how we’re going to farm heart of glacia and moth talcs for the lv4 VVR upgrade? I’m really confused

sadly only tel harsha drops them now … and its x1 per run …

Why no free skill gem extraction? (2)


there is one in the event reset items box i posted above 1 day only

Why no free skill gem extraction? (3)

I’m almost sure that there’s a typo and that Glacia Hard remains in the game, same for Lepi Hard.
If i’m not wrong you should be able to do Glacia Hard and swap hearts 1:1 for talc.


Welp i dunno if we should still do the weeklies since there’s no more rewards …

※ [Event] Reset Item Set (7 Days): [LV10 Ark] Extract Scroll (1 Day) x1, Isidavie Accessory Bound Removal Scroll (1 Day) x3, Vasilisa Equipment Bound Removal Scroll (1 Day) x8, [Lv.470] Accessory Type Change Tome (1 Day) x4, Vaivora Vision Extract Voucher (1 Day) x2, Goddess’/Demon God’s Armor Extract Voucher (1 Day) x4,
Selected Class Skill Reset Potion (1 Day) x3, Selected Class Attribute Reset Potion (1 Day) x3, Class Change Voucher Lv.4 (1 Day) x1, Arts Reset Potion Profession Selection Box (1 Day) x3, [Lv.460] Equipment Type Change Tome (1 Day) x8, Skill Gem Extract Penalty Remove Voucher (1 Day) x1, Fire Flame Earring Team Bound Scroll (1 Day) x1
※ [Event] Special Costume Selection Box: [Event] Maid? Knight Costume (Male), [Event] Butler? Knight Costume (Female)
※ Every item above can only be transferred to Team Storage.
It’s here

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“You can no longer receive rewards from the deleted contents, but the contents can still be played”

What’s the purpose of rewardless content? Nostalgia? Then why not bring back Uphill or Saalus in shorter versions…