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Scheduled Maintenance for May 19, 2020

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for May 19, 2020’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

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srsly? 3 months 1 week without new content NICE WORK IMC

WE have more than 90 days without a major patch. and u guys only doing patches to add p2w boxes come on. We need the content not more boxes

The really annoying thing is that the items in leticia boxes actually were introduced with counterparts available ingame - see the arts reset potion and now the weekly boss potion - but since we’re getting the patches late, it does end up making the items kinda p2w (especially this latest potion).

I agree we miss a lot of the content that is out on the kTOS server right now, but be careful with your arguments.
The last big patch, which brought the Weekly Boss Raid and the reworked mercenary shop, came in March 30-31’s patch.

It seems, from my point of view, IMC is bringing the updates to iTOS on the “same pace” as they did on the kTOS.

So maybe early June would be the next big patch (matching with the dates of the current events).

Maybe this is healthier for the game (to not rush the content), but, without proper talk with us, the players, we can only speculate how is their decision making process. And speculate about that is not fun.

Having no content for few more weeks doesn’t bother me as I still have to level up many chars to max and do dailies and weeklies which takes almost all my free time playing the game. What bothers me however is seeing no fixes to stuff that are evidently broken:

  • mouse mode in pvp preventing damage on other players because apparently you can only do damage if you have a target locked and the mode doesn’t do that in most cases
  • clicking on items and getting “0” as default choice instead of max count so you have to select item twice to interact with it
  • team name displayed way left of the character hp/sp bar instead of under/over it
  • quest markers (corals, devices) not triggered by mouse and a pita to trigger with keyboard

Please fix those, it’s embarrassing to see such bugs in a game supposedly developped by professionals.

Edit: oh while we’re at it, fix GTW – it’s embarrassing when you defend a map and as soon as another guild comes to fight the game crashes and you win without fighting because the map resets…

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please do something with laggy everyday since 8.00-11.00 svt everyday in telsiai too

will be very very very appreciation

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Uh, they ninjapatched the mercenary shop kedoran potion II as well (20000 badges per potion, can get one per day per team).

This is not just in Telsiai, we got the same problem in Fedimian. Took us twice the time to kill Boruta yesterday, and top guild also took way more time than usual. Plus frequent VGA when we didn’t get any in the past weeks. I think the server cannot simply handle the mass influx of players after the merge.

Hmm yesterday? I checked feud shop yesterday and the only potion I’ve seen is the 200 badge one (giving 30k def).

now we got new bug :joy: mercenary badge shop not reset

2days pass alrdy

I guess that should explain it…