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Scheduled Maintenance for May 14, 2019


Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for May 14, 2019’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff


Pajauta’s Quest

  • Episode 11’s pre-requisite quest is now available to all characters of Lv. 360 or above!
  • Visit the NPC Pajauta in Fedimian to complete the quest and receive new Lv. 380 Kedoran equipment and Attribute Points!

isn’t this already on the game :confused: I mean am still doing the quest cause the ui is bugged for me…

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hmm the electrocute change seems to be missing? they should be added with ep 11 patch right?


Where is :bear: bug fix?

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Satisfied with the class balances (received everything up till 1 month ago in ktos).

Also, if I didn’t miss out on anything after reading through several links, it seems like the only way for active players to obtain Ep11 sprouts is on weekends (200 per day)?


" - Players without either the “Budding Sprout” or “Growing Together” buff will not be able to obtain any Adventure Sprouts by completing the outlined contents."

I think we cant get from dailies, only from mobs drop.
EDIT: Yeah, this patch took only 6-7 weeks to come from ktos


The mob drops is the daily that I initially thought we can’t get, but upon reading further, I think we are indeed eligible. It’s just strange to put this under the event whose title is “For New/Returning Saviors”.

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Typo, max lvl is 5, not 15


looks like some hentai plot to me


So the awaited episode 11 is here…

  • Matross, Tiger Hunter, Ardito and Sheriff have been added as new classes.

New waifu @ Saalus Convent: Alexa the Ardito master :heart_eyes:

  • Entry restriction for Legend Raids has been changed to 5 times per week per Team
  • The Spirit Fragments obtained from Legend Raids can now be transferred via Team Storage
  • The number of Essence items required to trade Earth Tower equipment has been reduced by 50%.

This is great. Not very helpful if you can do the raids with the same character, but great anyway. Just missing the patch that was changing the rules for ET to be able to choose which floor to start from and only do 5 floors.

  • The contribution earned from Hoarded Echoes is reduced and players can no longer earn contribution from Vengeful Fevers.
  • Only the contribution earned by attacking Boruta will go towards Guild contribution points.
  • Entry restriction of 1 hour per day per Team will be applied for the Borutos Kapas raid.
  • Boruta will no longer recover HP every 20 minutes.

Finally all Boruta changes at once. This will be… very interesting indeed.

  • MVP bonus will be awarded to players ranking in the Top 5

Hell yeah.

  • All items and Silver obtained through the Challenge Mode will be issued when the Challenge Mode ends.
  • Monsters that spawn in Stages 6 and 7 will have their Physical/Magic ATK increased by 1.7 times and have 2.7 times the Physical/Magic DEF and HP.

Makes CM more strategic. Are you sure you will be able to clear next stage? If you think so, go ahead. If you don’t think so, better stop. I like that.

  • The number of monsters required to be defeated in order to open a Challenge Mode portal has been reduced to 200.

Agreed, it was too much. And sometimes the market was out of CM portal scrolls to buy, making CM in less crowded areas a pain to trigger.

  • Leap

That’s a nice skill that allows you to exit combat mode, so you can finally dash with an archer. Will easily replace the useless damage skills of the base class.

  • Teleportation

HAHAHAHA… prepare for a crapload of jumpy wizards!

Many more skill changes that I’ll have to read in detail… :face_with_monocle:

  • Player characters will move towards the opposite direction of the arrow keys pressed when confused.

HAHA fun!

  • Turning on Auto Skill Targeting will automatically place the targeting circle over the enemy you are currently locked on to.

Thanks guys, you made a mouse user really happy.

  • Players can no longer set up shop near NPC’s.


  • The Outlaw class can no longer evade attacks infinitely

Finally lol…

  • Draconis Frieno accessories set effect description will be changed to: “damage to 10 enemies around and including the target.”

Sorry, this only works for me, not for other people. :haha:

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Just that…

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I LOVE the patch, but didnt you forget Guardian Saint for 30 min buff? Or did this get removed from iToS? :hey:


I was about to go when patch hit, so I still have lot more to read and things to read without rush :smiley:

hopefully my thoughts are the same and I can edit my thoughts here later…

EDITS: Challenge Mode

  • Challenge Mode cubes have been removed and completion rewards will now be issued directly into the player’s inventory.

hope this doesn’t create a new weight problem, I know some people love collecting the cubes…

  • Players will no longer be able to obtain Attribute Points and Dungeon Multiplier Tokens from Challenge Mode.

I cant remember if I ever got any so am ok with this :confused:

  • All items and Silver obtained through the Challenge Mode will be issued when the Challenge Mode ends.

This will be a huge help for me cause am always full and having to constantly get rid of stuff is a pain…

  • Weapon drop chance from regular monsters in Challenge Mode will be increased by +50%.

Cool :blush:

  • Challenge Mode entries will be limited to 10 parties per channel.

Interesting, I cant remember any map where more than 10 tried at same time so this will be a good way to know for sure how popular a map is for CM


They will only give 30mins Guardian Saint after nerfing more heal-related stuffs, just like kTOS. Expect this together with the new Unique Raid about 1 month+ later.


No ichor extraction feature? I thought they added that in so you can take ichors out of velc items.


That was just added to ktos so itll be another update away for us.

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Is the companion not using char slot in this update?

- Dark Theurge
Evil spirits circle around awaiting the caster’s orders and attack targets via Evil Sacrifice.

Thats means the spirits don’t hit me when I get close to the Warlock now?

- Cloaking
Can no longer be used while in combat state in PvP environments.

it’s supposed to add this but also adding an increase mov. speed when you are in cloak, that never happen?
Developer blog Mar 29 2019
Scout - Cloaking
The skill can no longer be used while the player is in combat, and movement speed will be increased while under the Cloaking buff.

- Dagger Slash
Applies Dagger Slash: Sharpened Blade buff for a 3-second duration when skill is used.

I know is a base skill but only 3 sec of the debuff is too short -_-

- The tooltip description for Cassis Crista now includes the line: “50% increased resistance against status ailments”.
- The tooltip description for One Inch Punch now includes the line: “AoE Attack Ratio: 4”.
And the 10 sec of silence from Rodeleros Shield push? is still a bug that are not being added in the description?


I don’t think even ktest has this implemented, it is left on talk only as far as I can remember…


Will these Sadhu bugs (specially the Out of Body damage bug) going to be fixed? They are not listed…